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The Saint By Tiffany Reisz

The Saint (The Original Sinners: The White Years #1 )

Genre: BDSM, Erotica


In the beginning, there was him.

Gutsy, green-eyed Eleanor never met a rule she didn't want to break. She's sick of her mother's zealotry and the confines of Catholic school, and declares she'll never go to church again. But her first glimpse of beautiful, magnetic

Father Søren Stearns and his lust-worthy Italian motorcycle is an epiphany. Suddenly, daily Mass seems like a reward, and her punishment is the ache she feels when they're apart. He is intelligent and insightful and he seems to know her intimately at her very core. Eleanor is consumed—and even she knows that can't be right.

But when one desperate mistake nearly costs Eleanor everything, it is Søren who steps in to save her. She vows to repay him with complete obedience…and a whole world opens before her as he reveals to her his deepest secrets.

Danger can be managed—pain, welcomed. Everything is about to begin.


This series of books are like nothing else I have come across and they always bring me back from a reading slump, which I have found myself in for the last year. I am so glad that the series didn’t end with just The Original Sinners books, getting to read the backstory of how it all came to pass is mind-blowing. 

I devoured this first instalment of The White Years in one sitting, it reminded me of how much I loved reading about Nora and how thankful I am that I picked up the second book when I did this one but also regretting not ordering the next two, waiting two to three weeks for those to come to my door is going to be painful.

Kingsley and Soren… How could you not love them? I have had some ups and downs with Soren as a character, especially at the start of the series but when you see how far he has come and the bond Nora and he share and how it came to be it really makes him impossible to dislike. Soren becomes a real stand-out that you can’t help but feel for, he helped Nora to reach her potential and overcome the obstacles that could have so easily destroyed her.

If you haven’t picked up this series yet you are missing out. I would recommend starting with The Original Sinners before picking up The White Years so you can get the full effect of the story and character development. A five star read without a doubt.

Rating: «««««

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My Top 5 List of Adult Must Read Series/Books

In no particular order, this is my list of top 5 adult books or series for those out there who love to read.

1. Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

These books will always come in number one for me. After reading the first book and loving it, I went and bought the rest of the series in bulk and devoured them all in no time.  A series that must have a place on your bookshelf.
Check them out on Goodreads!
2. Anita Blake Series by Laurell K Hamilton

This series is one that hooked me from the start, though it does have some flaws. There are some side novellas and short stories, I personally didn't bother with them, they weren't critical to the main storyline and the series does get a bit iffy in the later books but the series as a whole is still worth the time no question.
Check them out on Goodreads!

3. Sinners on Tour Series by Olivia Cunning

Something different from my usual reads, these books blew my mind and turned me from an only "supernatural" element of book reading to more contemporary.  The characters are wonderful, the supporting characters are fantastic and every story has its own unique plot.
Check them out on Goodreads!

4. Georgina Kincaid Series by Richelle Mead

A series that I originally didn't think I was going to enjoy so much. If you are looking for books with a bad-ass female lead then this series is for you.
Check them out on Goodreads!
5. Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

One name makes this series for me... Acheron.
Check them out on Goodreads!

-Honourable mentions-

Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost
Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris
Shifters Series by Rachel Vincent

What are some of your favourites? Leave me a comment :)

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Promo: Quirks and Kinks By Laurel Ulen Curtis

Quirks and Kinks
Laurel Ulen Curtis

  Releasing: June 23rd, 2015

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Quirks and Kinks by @LUCurtisAuthor is out now! @rockstarlitprlc


“It’s a new show, Quirks and Kinks. We’ve already selected a male reenactment actor to be your co-host, so you're the last piece of the puzzle. There’s some seriously f@$%ed up sh*t out there that people are into, and the two of you are going to be the face of it.”
“I’m going to be the face of people’s freakish fetishes?” I asked disbelievingly.
Larry shrugged his nonchalance, shoving it directly down the throat of my panic. “Half of it.”
That conversation was the beginning of more than a show.
It was the beginning of mystery, friendship, and love, and the outcome of mixing all three together with two unsuspecting victims.
Easie Reynolds and Anderson Evans were drawn to the same, simple thing—each other.
But, sometimes, undeniable chemistry isn’t enough. After all, how easy is it to get know someone when they’re constantly pretending to be someone else?


“I’m still not even sure what we’re doing here,” I told Ashley as I glanced around at the cheap Tex Mex themed decor of El Loco Restaurant.
All around us, business-suit-clad, young singles chatted and laughed, sinking deeper into their margaritas and each other. A life untraveled stared me in the face, but it didn’t make me feel bitter or regretful. All I felt was stupid for being out and spending money that we didn’t have.
“You just landed a job,” she cooed before sipping delicately from the free water.
Giving her my undivided attention, I narrowed my cat-like blue eyes.
“Granted, it’s not a job you’re exactly thrilled about, but it comes with money, and that’s worth celebrating a little.”
“Pff,” I huffed. “So far, all it’s come with is a bag of muffin mix and humiliation.” Exaggeratedly, I checked my purse. “Nope, no money.”
Ashley just shook her head. “We’re eating one dollar tacos. Peanut butter and bread are more expensive. Relax.”
My fingers itched for a cigarette, and astute twenty-three year old lady that she was, Ashley didn’t miss it.
“Besides, if we’re going to get on the money discussion you’re going to have to take a closer look at some of your other expensive habits.”
Ashley had been trying to talk me into quitting for years, and I knew my lungs would thank me if I somehow managed to follow through. But for as desirable as it sounded, I just…couldn’t. It wasn’t so much the addiction and the work it would take to kick a years-in-the-making habit. It was that smoking had become my emotional crutch. My timeout in any moment of need and my excuse to busy myself with something other than being a bitch. I was scared of the chasm I’d fall into, the unclimbable hill I’d create with my auger-like anxiety.
My sister didn’t know any of that. No one did.
“I smoke for my career.”
Her eyes practically rolled all the way out of her head. “This ought to be good.”
“You know this industry is unbelievably vapid, and vapid means skinny. Smoking keeps me that way.”
She shook her head in disdain.
“And it’s cheaper than a gym membership.”
“Global warming, anyone?” she called dramatically. “You’re argument is balancing on some pretty thin ice.”
“Shut up.”
Suddenly, warmth wafted up into my face as our waiter shoved the toasty basket of complimentary chips into the center of our table. My eyes drifted naturally from the basket to the hand holding it, where a large, oval, heavy metal ring sat in blazing contrast to the tan expanse of his long ring finger, up the line of his muscular—deliciously veiny—forearm, to the cuff of his rolled up black sleeve. On a runaway mission of their own, my eyes wouldn’t stop, eating up the expanse of his bicep in an instant, stutter-stepping up the corded column of his slender throat, and landing on one of the most attractive male mugs I’ve ever seen.
A mixing bowl of ethnicity, his naturally tanned skin and dark features stood in stark contrast with the minty green of his eyes. Directly on me and smirking, they were mesmerizing.
And mocking.
Ashley spoke, as I’d apparently lost all of my normal snarky ability.“Thanks.”
A small glance from me to her preceded his polite answer. “You’re welcome.”
She smiled her prettiest smile, the one that infused her entire being from chest to eyes, and the corner of his mouth notched higher in response.
A foreign heaviness settled in my chest as I watched, and its completely unwelcome presence nearly made me sick.
He turned to leave slowly, one last lingering look in my direction making my nerves ratchet up to an eleven.
Fuck. I did not like to be rattled. Confident words were my modus operandi, but a good earthquake could wreck even the strongest of routines. My table at El Loco, tonight—this guy—was the epicenter.
The man in question had just earned himself automatic placement on my shit list.
Straight, white, top teeth just barely teased the plump pillow of his bottom lip. It was unintentional, completely innocent, and hot as Jesus’ sauna.
Shit list position confirmed.
“You’re, like, really attractive,” Ashley noted, evidently drunk on her water and speaking via a direct link to my brain.
His chuckle was like a full body vibrator, skating through the nerves on every inch of my skin. One long-fingered hand shot straight to his neck, rubbing the uneasiness of Ashley’s compliment out quickly.“Thanks.”
“Are you an actor?” she continued. “You’ve got to be, right?”
LA. Every attractive person you meet must be in the business.
I would have laughed at Ashley’s assumption and how ridiculous it was if I hadn’t been thinking the same thing.
He looked slightly bashful, but fought straight through the discomfort and answered her frankly. “Uh, yeah. I mean, I’m trying anyway. I’m not particularly successful.”
Distracted by my reaction to him and his honesty, I didn’t run a pre-check on anything coming out of my mouth. Not that I normally had the best filter. “So you’re another one of those actors, waiting tables to pay the bills and pass the time?”
He bristled, and rightfully so. But he did it with an otherworldly calm, meeting my eyes directly and speaking in a soft, polite—if only slightly teasing—voice.
“One of those? Oh. No. Waiting tables is my dream. I just act to fit in.”
My cheeks felt hot with embarrassment and shame, and the glint in his eyes told me that he saw it.
Sometimes I hated that my default setting was bitch. Such a dominant trait was hard to overturn.
“Okay, so maybe that was a little rude.”
One corner of his mouth—the smug one—rose just slightly. “It’s a distinct possibility.”
Silence hung between us, but while my time was spent avoiding eye contact, his was spent calculating his next blow.
“I guess you must be something really impressive then?”
“Huh?” My wandering eyes shot to his with the focus of a heat-seeking missile.
“Well, you obviously aren’t on the waiting tables slash acting track that the rest of us losers are.”
“I mean, you must do something that really matters, right? Educating orphaned kids. Curing Cancer. Coming up with the way to end all of the world’s unrest.” Attractive arms crossed over an equally nice chest. “Am I right?”
For as confident as I usually was, and as many comebacks as I normally had, I couldn’t think of one single thing to say.
Unfortunately, my sister wasn’t suffering from a similar problem.
“Hah! She’s an actor too. But she’s too busy to wait tables.”
“Working?” he asked, one manly eyebrow cocking in time with his question. If I wasn’t mistaken, he actually looked impressed for a minute.
I was ready to leave right then, but Ashley, being the one of us with a conscience, had a knack for ruining a good thing.
“Oh. No. She’s just too busy being her. You know, cutting people like you down in her spare time.” She looked away, bopped to the music in the background. “But, she doesn’t do it on purpose. She was born this way. Cold, dead heart and all. I guess that’s why people like me still love her.”
I tried not to let her words hurt. After all, if I were describing myself, I probably would have chosen the exact same words, and because I knew her so well, I knew she was just trying to make a joke and bail me out of a situation of my own making.
And yet, I still couldn’t stop the smile from slipping and sliding its way off of my face.
It only took a few seconds to recover, but when I looked back up at the waiter, he was looking at me differently. Assessing.
Uncomfortable was too cushy a word for what I was feeling. Bombs exploded and sprayed shrapnel, the sharp edges of his scrutiny digging into the flesh of my muscle and making it twitch just beneath the not-protective-enough layer of my skin.
About Laurel Ulen Curtis
Laurel Ulen Curtis is a 27 year old mother of one. She lives with her husband and son (and cat and two fish!) in New Jersey, but grew up all over the United States. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, and puts that to almost no use other than forecasting for her friends! She has a passion for her family, laughing, and reading and writing Romance novels.

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Cover Reveal: Angel Lover By Tricia Skinner

There's no danger greater than falling for your enemy…Angel_Lover_500
Publication date: June 30th


Series Name: The Angel Assassins #2
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Romance

Book Cover Blurb

The Nephilim are bound. Their powers cursed. But half-angel Kasdeja will do anything to free them from Heaven's tyranny. When Kas is approached by a striking, mysterious woman, she tells him his greatest enemies hold the key to his freedom.

Mariel keeps herself shrouded in secrets, using them to hide her true self. For she is not just employed by the Renegades--enemy fallen angels—she is a double agent, working on the sly for Heaven. Her directive is to seduce the gorgeous Nephilim—despite her insecurity about such sensual acts.

For Mariel is playing a dangerous game, and falling for Kas could only cause trouble; her assignment isn't just seduction. It's destruction.


  He traced his fingers under her tank top and made small circles against her back. A soft sound escaped her lips, then she relaxed. “Mariel.”

He barely recognized his lust-blown voice. She answered by renewing their passionate kiss, full and open and bone melting. She kissed him thoroughly, drawing the oxygen from his lungs as she twisted her fingers into his long hair. Kas lowered her on the comforter with care, never breaking their kiss. He eased back, and with his gaze on hers, he pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it. Mariel’s gaze made several passes over his body. What did she feel for him? Admiration? Uncertainty? He’d never hurt her. No one would ever hurt her again, not if they expected to live. Then Mariel’s gaze fell away. “You are...beautiful.” Her shoulders drooped, and she pulled back. “You don’t believe you are.” She didn’t reply, except for the stubborn jut of her chin. Kas smoothed his thumb over her cheek then gently raised her head. She wouldn’t look at him. He wouldn’t allow her to withdraw from him, from them. He touched her shirt at the waist, and her hands clamped over his, her eyes wet. Her fearful expression tore him apart. “Trust me as I trust you,” he said gently.

Kas waited until her grip loosened, and her hands fell to the side. He infused a smile with warmth and then eased the material up in torturous increments. Time she could use to stop him. Her flat stomach and tight abs were revealed. He smothered his reaction, afraid Mariel would mistake a groan for disapproval. Smooth, golden skin fed his hunger an appetizer. “You have control,” he told her. “If you tell me to stop, I’ll stop.” Mariel peeked through her lashes and nodded. He lifted the shirt higher, stared at her breasts, and bit back another sound. God of All, they made him salivate, but he tapped more of his self-control. Finally, the shirt was over her head and joined his on the floor. Mariel’s arms stayed locked at her sides like a soldier at attention. Kas moved around her and climbed onto the bed next to her. “Lie on your side, facing me.”

“I do not know,” she said, whisper light. Again his chest felt as if it had crushed inward. No woman should be made to believe she was ugly. None should feel shame about her body. He wanted to beat bloody any man who’d ever looked at her wrong. Mariel expelled a long breath as if she’d resolved herself to do what he’d asked. She stretched out alongside him, chest to chest, her right arm pillowing her head. He leaned over and planted a soft kiss on her cheek and lips. “Touch me.”  



Tricia Skinner

Tricia Skinner is an author of passionate dark fantasy. She is a features writer for Fresh Fiction and a project manager for Short Fuse. She began her writing career as a business reporter and wrote for The Detroit News, Investor’s Business Daily, MSN, and The Houston Chronicle. Raised in Detroit, Tricia graduated with a BA degree from the nationally acclaimed Journalism Institute for Media Diversity at Wayne State University. She earned a Masters of Liberal Studies – Creative Writing degree from Southern Methodist University and will obtain a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in 2017. Diversity in genre fiction is dear to Tricia’s heart. She is represented by Laurie McLean, co-founder of Fuse Literary Agency.
When not writing, Tricia can be found reading, lifting weights, or geeking out over games, movies, and music. She has a Tom Hiddleston obsession, and she is Team Vader. Her family includes three Great Danes (so far).).