Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Claimed By K.R. Smith

                          Claimed (Novella)

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance


Jessica Tandy is coming back from a camping trip in Alaska, when she meets the tall, dark and handsome Flint Riverclaw. They chat in a bar during a rest stop, which eventuates into a one-night-stand, and ultimately changes the rest of her life. Why do Flint’s brown eyes occasionally glow turquoise, or he growls so much? Imaginations run wild, in this supernatural, romance novella.


This was great! Totally surpassed my expectations. I loved it, I couldn't stop reading from the second I started reading and I didn't want to stop! This was definitely one of the better werewolf stories I have read in a while. I loved the characters, I love the way Flint protected Jessica right from the start. Her boyfriend Steve was a total jack-ass and I was glad when he was finally out of the picture. He just expected Jessica to be enthusiastic with camping when she wasn’t used to the outdoors nor an out-door type, he treated her like a joke as she explains to Flint herself;

“When he invited me up here, to go camping with he and his friends? I thought to myself ‘well he knows I’m not the outdoors type, but he must be serious about this relationship if he wants me to go away with him’. But this has been the week from hell! He and his friends have done nothing but laugh at me, because I couldn’t put up a tent, I couldn’t start a fire, I couldn’t cook over the flames and I hate using trees as bathrooms!”.

I wouldn’t be keen to pee behind a tree either. When Flint took it upon himself to see Jessica safe and take her to Anchorage I was pleased as punch, goodbye Steve. After a steamy romp with Flint, this get a little complicated but everything works itself out and Jessica finds the place where she truly belongs and will live the rest of her life happy.  This was so well written, it flowed so smoothly and the information about the Tribe and its ways were told in a way that didn't leave you confused or feeling over-loaded with information. A brilliant novella.

Rating: «««««

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