Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Scent By K.R. Smith

Scent (The Circulate Series) 

*Submitted for review by the author* 

Genre: Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance 


‘Scent’ is a delicious tail of a fiery relationship when at first the Last Circulator can't stand the tribe's sarcastic and most dangerous Werewolf, however their feelings change to a forbidden love. Then bake in Alaska as a sanctuary after World War Three, garnish with differing species of Vampires, other breeds of Werewolves and marauding humans. Serves one.


I was a little sceptical when I read the description but I decided to give it a go due to my love of a previous free eBook (Claimed) by this great writer and I wasn't disappointed in the least, so glad I read this. Bianca has big dreams, seeing beyond the tribe upbringing, wanting to go away and study at University, talking about it with her friend Derik who happens to be the brother of Declan. Unfortunately for Bianca her plans go to the way side when she changes into a werewolf, the first female Lokoti werewolf to be exact and is forced to take a mate. Delcan started off like such an ass and a jerk! There were moments when I just wanted to punch him in the face! Like when he was first with Bianca;

“It’s not like I have a lot of options, with you being the only girl around that I can do this to, without accidently killing her or worse, turning her”

Then he grew into this amazing guy and Bianca and he were so perfect together. When everything with Grant happened I was thinking hell no! This can't be happening! There is so much action in this mixed with some steamy scenes to create the perfect balance. A fantastic read.

Rating:  «««««

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