Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dark Embers By Tessa Adams

Dark Embers (Dragon's Heat #1)

Genre: Erotic Romance


Prince Dylan MacLeod is one of the last pure-blood dragon shape-shifters and ruler of a dying race, the Dragonstar clan. It falls to him to protect his people and their ancient magic. But he has one important duty: to provide an heir...

Like all dragons, Dylan, who has a dark, rampant sexual appetite, can only procreate with his destined mate-for whom he's searched for the last five hundred years. But his quest is delayed when a disease sweeps through the Dragonstars, and Dylan must venture to the human world to find a cure. He tracks down bio-chemist Phoebe Quillum, never imagining the beautiful scientist would be the mate he's been seeking. But even with the fate of the clan on their shoulders, Phoebe and Dylan are overcome by their sexual desire.

Their passion turns to something truer, but when Phoebe is kidnapped by Dylan's oldest enemy, he must risk everything for his love and his clan...


Let me just start by saying this cover is hot as all hell! This book had everything, hot steamy scenes, action, a dreamy dragon shifter for a male lead and a smart scientist for a female lead; I love a female lead that is smart and has her senses about her. I haven’t come across many dragon-shifter novels and this has me hooked, I want more! The scene where Dylan shifted into smoke, oh my good lord *fans self*. There was no boring filler in the book, or story that seemed out of place, everything had a purpose. I loved Dylan and Phoebe. I had a hint that she was a dragon and I was glad when it was revealed that she was, though it was pretty easy to pick that it was going to turn out that way. The part where Dylan shifts in front of Phoebe and she doesn't run but goes up to him and hugs him reminds me of J.R Ward’s Lover Eternal with Rhage and Mary. I really enjoyed reading this book and couldn't put it down once I started, this book sucked me right in. I cannot wait to get my hands on the second book.         


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