Saturday, August 20, 2011

Dark Side Of The Moon By Sherrilyn Kenyon

Dark Side of the Moon (Dark-Hunter #9)

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Susan Michaels was the hottest reporter on the Beltway Beat until she walked into a setup that ruined her reputation. Now she's working for a small Seattle paper, penning stories about killer moths and alien babies, convinced that her life couldn't get any worse.

That was before an idea for a breaking news piece brought her to a local animal shelter where she ends up listening to her source rant about vampires and gets coerced into adopting a cat despite her allergies. But when her new pet suddenly reveals himself to be a gorgeous—and lethal—shapeshifter, Susan realizes that there’s far more at stake than a career-saving by-line.

Born into a world of predators, Were-Hunter Ravyn Kontis was betrayed by those he loved best. Soulless, pitiless, he has spent three hundred years battling the Daimons who seek to subjugate humankind. Against all odds, Susan evokes in Ravyn feelings of tenderness. Desire. Love. And with the ultimate battle about to begin, this one very human woman holds the power to shatter both their worlds...


After following some tail Ravyn finds himself in a rather precarious position, trapped in a cage in cat form by daimons. Susan is called up by one of her friends and meets him at an animal shelter for safety where he starts raving about a cover-up of vampires, he’s leaving town and to keep up appearances, her urges her to take a cat with her when she leaves, which she happens to be allergic to, though this cat is no ordinary cat. When she gets the cat back to her place and removes its collar it turns in a leopard, then a naked man lying still on her carpet. This part made me laugh:

"With her heart lodged firmly in her throat, she unscrewed the lamp shade and crept closer to him. "Hey?" she said sharply. "You alive?"
He didn't respond.
Preparing to run in case he was faking, she poked him with the tip of the lamp. Okay I've seen this movie before, she thought. Hapless moron sticks head over unconscious body to check vital signs and the bad guy opens his eyes and grabs her."

I love the smart humour of these books and the pop culture references. It’s funny how Susan keeps referring to Ravyn as “Puss in boots”, she is also happens to be allergic to his hair. Artemis never fails to sicken me on the highest level and I feel so bad for Ash, having to slave himself out to her in order to help his Dark-Hunters find happiness and keep them safe. Nick has lost his mind with hate and is on the war path against Acheron, which is sad with how much Ash cares about him. Packed full of action and hot sexy romps, I can’t get enough.

Rating: ««««

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