Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Highland Scoundrel By Monica McCarty

Highland Scoundrel (Campbell Trilogy #3)

Genre: Historical Romance


Framed for a crime he did not commit, Duncan Campbell, the illegitimate son of a chieftain, has returned to the Highlands determined to clear his name after ten years in exile. He is drawn to the unforgettable sensual beauty of Jeannie Gordon, the headstrong girl who once pledged him her love, gave him her innocence, and then betrayed him. Now, in the glow of the moonlight, she defiantly shows Duncan the bad end of a pistol.

Jeannie is stunned to discover that the broad-chested brigand she just shot is the rogue who broke her heart years ago. No longer a starry-eyed girl but a woman with dangerous secrets, Jeannie cannot forgive Duncan’s shattering mistrust of her–nor can she sign his death warrant by turning him in. Soon passion flares hotter and bolder than before, sealing a fate the onetime lovers can no longer deny. Caught up in a deadly game of murder and intrigue, Jeannie is willing to risk everything for a man and a love she vows never to lose again.


I surprisingly really enjoyed reading this book, I couldn’t put it down. It was an emotional story, filled with betrayal, heartbreak and love. Jeannie was a great female lead, she fell for Duncan right from the moment she laid eyes on him, she didn’t care about his standings or what he was, she fell for the man he was inside and I was shattered when Duncan left her, damning her without hearing her out. Jeannie started off a little wimpy but as the book progressed she became strong and wilful. There was plenty of steam in this novel, though I found myself enjoying the plot more-so then the romps in the sack...Or against a wall as it were. I was so glad when Duncan came back, he seemed to have grown as man and become more compassionate and less arrogant. Jeannie’s daughter was adorable and Jeannie having Duncan’s secret son, brilliant! Unlike some of Monica McCarty’s previous novels, this one had me enthralled; every second of reading this was great. A historical romance novel I actually quite liked.
Rating: ««««

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