Monday, August 8, 2011

Highlander Unchained By Monica McCarty

Highlander Unchained (Macleods of the Skye Trilogy #3)

Genre: Historical Romance


Lachlan Maclean will do whatever it takes to protect his clan–even if it means abducting the most willful woman in the Highlands with the secret intention of wooing her for marriage. A born searing sensual leader possessing brute strength, and an imposing command, Lachlan is unprepared for the beautiful spitfire Flora MacLeod, who jeopardizes his plans to save his clan, and digs beneath his hard, chiseled exterior to expose a tenderness that may be his undoing.

The greatest marriage prize in the Highlands, Flora is determined at all costs to avoid her mother’s fate of being bartered away as a political pawn. Vowing to make her captor pay for his ruthlessness, she boldly engages him in a battle of wills, sweetening the challenge with dangerous passion–even as the lingering curse and deadly ghosts of a past tragedy reach out to thwart a tender love that has yet to be spoken.


I enjoyed reading this one more than I did the second in the trilogy, which was rather surprising, I was not looking forward to reading it when I picked it up. William the cowardly fool! What scum to just abandon Flora and leave her at the mercy of Lachlan’s clan to save his own skin, though it did turn out for the best. Flora was courageous and had plenty of fight in her, which was great; I don’t care for the weak damsel in distress female characters, I also liked her mischievous game playing with Lachlan which made me laugh.  I liked the hot bed romps better in this book over the second as well. Lachlan started off rather arrogant and callous, but he softened his ways toward to end, allowing Mary his sister the man she loved, that was sweet. Flora and Lachlan together just makes sense, they are both just a determined as each other, both as bold as each other. Unlike the previous book, it didn’t feel like a chore reading this, the plot flowed and it was smooth to read. One for the historical romance lovers.

Rating: ««««

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