Friday, August 5, 2011

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Question of the Week

"What is your top three favorite romance reads so far for 2011?"

I have read so many books this year, but these are the books that I have particularly loved:

1. Lover Unleashed by J.R. Ward

2. Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall

3. Skin Heat by Ava Gray

Though I will have to give some love to The Darkest Secret by Gena Showalter, it didn't quite make the cut but I really enjoyed reading that book.


Kelly said...

The BDB series is on my iPad as we speak and Darkness Dawns was my first ever PNR read. Have to love a book that hooks me on a genre! Thanks for following with us!

Jet said...

The BDB series is what really got me into PNR, favourite series of all time!
No problem :)

lonewolf said...

I haven't read Lover Unleashed yet, but I know I will sometime soon. I mean, who doesn't love the BDB series?

Happy Friday from Lydia @ Sensual Ride

Redd said...

I am working my way up to Lover Unleashed but I'm glad it was one of your particular faves. :) I have Duvall's book already on my tbr and am definitely looking into the one by Gray. :) I tend to lean more toward the erotic paranormals, and urban fantasies..but the reading doesn't stop there..

Lovely blog. Am a new follower, and looking forward to your reviews!

Have a wonderful weekend!


Lori @ Romancing the Darkside said...

We share the same answer for our #1 pick! New follower on the 18 & Over Book Blogger Follow stopping by to say hi! Have a great weekend!

My 18 & Over Follow

Kristin said...

I have only read Dark Lover from the series. I need to get back into them.
Book Sniffers Anonymous

Jet said...

You definitely need to get back into the series! The next two are books with a couple of my favourite characters...Who am I kidding, I love them all haha

Crystal ♥ said...

Love the brothers (who doesn't?) and adorned Lover Unleashed, mainly cuz all the V time. *lesigh* V.... *ahem* Darkness Dawns is also an all time favorite and in my Best-of-2011!
Thanks for joining in the 18+ follow! New follower