Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dirty Little Secret


Question of the Week

"If you could spend the day with your favourite heroine, who would you pick and what would you do?"

I would have to choose Sookie Stackhouse from Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series, though my pick isn't really based on liking Sookie as much as it is being able to hang out at Fangtasia and drool over Eric  hehe  One hot swedish viking vampire please, preferably shirt-less...Pants are also optional *giggle*


Tyraa said...

I like the pants are optional remark. Because really, I think he would do better without them. ;) Nice pick .

I STILL need to read this series, I know right. But I like the tv show

Jet said...

Very true, why he would even need to wear pants I do not know hehe

The books are very different to the tv series. Both are great though :)

Andra said...

bahaha I have almost the same answer for a different series...what's with all these questions about girls...I wanna talk about boys! lol

Bona Fide Reflections said...

Oooo! Sookie is a great pick. She would be a lot fun to hang out with.

Under the Covers said...

LOL! That is a legit reason! I wouldn't mind that either!


Linds said...

That is an awesome answer!!!! Not only Eric but Alcide too. Although I hear he gets sort of unappealing as the books go on and just starts using Sookie!

My Dirty Little Secret!