Wednesday, September 21, 2011

In Too Deep By Cherry Adair

In Too Deep (T-FLAC #4)

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Beauty can be deceiving. . . .
Tally Cruise has come to Paradise Island for a long-awaited reunion with the father she never knew. But when she arrives, he is nowhere to be found. Still, she is so thrilled by the seductive beauty of the island that she doesn’t see the danger boiling right below the surface–until a mysterious explosion nearly kills her. She is rescued by an enigmatic man whose intensity is as undeniable as his sex appeal . . . a mysterious stranger who is not what he seems.

Michael Wright is on Paradise Island to settle an old score with Tally’s father, the man responsible for the accident that ended his Navy SEAL career . . . and killed his best friend. But even though he hopes to use Tally to reach his target, Michael cannot deny the deep feelings she inspires within him, or the fact that her life is in serious danger. Paradise Island is a place full of hidden intrigue and peril, as deadly as it is beautiful, and Michael will need every skill he learned as a SEAL to ensure that he and Tally escape alive. . .


Michael is keeping an eye on the daughter and the right-hand man of his archenemy on a boat when an explosion of the boat of the people he is watching sends Tally into the water; he has no choice but to help her. The attraction between them is obvious right from the start especially for Tally;

"His lips twitched. “Okay, little bear; take off the shirt so I can check your arm.”

“I don’t need to remove my top-my arms stick out the sides, in case you haven’t noticed.”

“Honey, I’ve noticed everything about you, up to, and including, this little mole right here.” He brushed a finger under her right ear, and the small hairs all over her body stood to attention.

Tally discovered there were other ways to drown. And she was going under for a second time."

When they finally get back to shore to a hotel things get complicated with bodies washing up and intruders, though Tally knew how to handle one particular intruder, holding hostage his favourite package then pushing him over a balcony. There is no lack of steam in this read and the scene with the pearls was hotter than hell. The twist with Leli’a was unexpected, I really don’t like that girl and Tally’s father is just despicable. One of my favourite T-FLAC books that I have read so far.

Rating: ««««

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