Thursday, September 22, 2011

Out Of Sight By Cherry Adair

Out of Sight (T-FLAC #5)

Genre:Romantic Suspense


Sometimes chemistry is a matter of life and death. . . .

Though her confidence is badly shaken by a training accident, A. J. Cooper vows to become an excellent T-FLAC operative. She is everything the antiterrorist agency looks for—she’s smart, resourceful, and a crack shot.

Eager to prove herself to her instructor, the highly regarded Kane Wright, A. J. takes on a difficult and potentially deadly assignment. A success in the field could be just the thing she needs to make her career with the agency—and working so closely with the extraordinary and irresistibly sexy Kane is a fantasy come to life.

Kane Wright is a master of disguise, hiding his powerful attraction for A. J. in the name of professionalism. But when she doesn’t bounce back quickly after her accident, Kane’s desire becomes concern. In the field, even a moment’s hesitation can turn a routine operation into a deadly one. With A. J. taking a lead position in this mission, Kane knows he won’t be able to take his eyes off his gorgeous tomboy trainee. Under the hot desert sun, even as they struggle to unravel a madman’s devious plot, their long denied passion will finally boil over. . . .


I didn’t care for this T-FLAC instalment as much as I did the previous ones, but it is still quite a good read, it just didn’t really do it for me. A.J Cooper is trying her best to keep up with what is expected of her as a trainee under the guidance of Kane, who isn’t handling the pressure too well of being responsible for another person’s life;

“He was good at a number of things. But keeping his teammates alive wasn’t one of them.
Which is why he’d worked alone for the past two years.
He swore viciously under his breath. Angry at himself for giving in to the order to bring her. Angry at Cooper for being the rookie that she was...Hell, angry at God for putting another roadblock to his sanity.”

The more memorable and rather unconventional scenes in this was one with a camel...That poor camel witnessed and was a part of something rather hot and steamy, but not in a twisted bestiality kind of way so no cringes. I wish I could have related to the characters more and felt for them as a couple, then I probably would have rated this higher.


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