Thursday, September 15, 2011

SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/Animal Shape Shifters By Elisha Worthall and Dr. Xavier Bell (By K.R. Smith)

SSIT Reports on the Different Breeds of Werewolf, Separate Species of Vampire and Human/Animal Shape Shifters By Elisha Worthall and Dr. Xavier Bell

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Genre: Fantasy


How was the North American Vampire created? What is the mating habit of the Lokoti Werewolf? What connects Human/Animal Shape Shifters to psychics? What do South American Vampires have to do with the Aztec culture, or Human/Animal Shape Shifters to the Inca? Which supernatural creature is drawn to Leylines? Why do the species of Vampire hunt humans with auras?

These are the classified reports made by the Circulator Elisha Worthall and the human Dr. Xavier Bell, who run the Supernatural Scientific Investigative Team (SSIT). Read about the physical appearances, abilities, history and methods of reproduction of the subjects in the reports. Travel around the world and through time as they explore fact vs fable, or truth vs myth


Ever wanted to know the science behind werewolves? Perhaps proof of origin? Maybe the link between vampire, werewolf and shape shifter? Them this little read is for you. I would suggest at least reading K.R Smith’s novel Scent or some of the other parts to her Circulate series before reading this otherwise it won’t hold as much value to you and it has a bit of a cross-over, though is you perhaps are a paranormal fanatic like myself it would also be worth a bit of a look through as it is interesting. Here’s a little snippet of what you can expect from this read;

“What is interesting, as much as the members of the Shape Shifter family are similar; each will refute it vehemently. All three have fought over territory, when protecting their own, or to feed off the other. Cannibalism is rife, particularly in the Vampire species whose parasitic natures rely on absorbing another creature's life force. But instead of making allowances, they try to cancel the other out and claim dominance. Although Human/Animal Shape Shifters do not lust after flesh or blood of the living, the bloodlust is inherent in their absolute abhorrence for their supernatural cousins. This is a shame, considering how similar Werewolves and Human/Animal Shape Shifters really are."

The different types of werewolf and the differences really fascinated me, the amount of information and the in-depth nature of the work I really appreciated. When I started on the section about vampires I found myself getting sucked into the little details, why vampires can’t tolerate garlic or sunlight, it might have something to do with my vampire obsession. The shape shifter section didn’t have as much information but it was still fun to read, what I appreciated most about this was the ease of the read. A really interesting written piece that sucked me into the science behind the paranormal we love so much. Take it for what it is and I think you'll enjoy it. This isn't a "book" but more of a little side piece to enhance the circulate series that the Author has written.


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