Friday, October 14, 2011

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Question of the Week

"What kind of book covers are you drawn to? (i.e. Full body, guy, chic, half naked, headless man, couple, place, ect.) And what kind of covers turn you off of a book?"

I do love a strong shirt-less man on a cover, especially when he is embracing a woman. The two covers that come into my mind that really represent what I love in a cover are the first two Jaguar Warriors books by Juliana Stone.

Covers I didn't like that turned me off... I have to say I love the books like craazy, real CRAAAAAZY but the U.K/Australian paperback covers to J.R. Ward's Black Dagger Brotherhood books... I mean really? Way to suck. If I didn't know how brilliant the stories are and I saw those covers on a bookstore shelf I would walk past and not even pick them up to try.

For comparison purposes:


Tena @ Crazy Book Slut said...

His Darkest Embrace.... Hott!!!!

Hop hop hop! Thanks for stopping by CBS!

Sally Bibrary said...

Ugh - those are some atrocious foreign covers! Personally, I like my covers a little dangerous and daring, with a bit of fetish costuming, as opposed to pure beefcake. :)

Elena said...

I totally agree!!! Great choices!

There's such a huge difference between the "Lover Mine" covers Yikes!

Thanks for sharing!

Madame D said...

I agree all the way my dear, on both counts ;)

Redheads Review It Better said...

I have noticed that books in the UK are a little more toned down. Hell, sometimes they take the heat right off the cover. That's so boring! They would sell more copies if they just gave in and showed half naked men. Lol.

Kelly said...

Never saw the different covers for BDB but I have to agree! Thanks for participating!

Jet said...

I'm currently working on replacing all my icky U.K/Aus covers with the American ones. I just can't stand them! Costs a bit more but worth it.

Thanks ladies for stopping by :D

Crystal ♥ said...

Juliana Stone has the most gorgeous covers eva! Love her books. And yikes, that U.K./AUS cover is a bit scary!
Thanks for joining the follow!