Friday, October 21, 2011

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Question of the Week

"What authors do you stalk reguarly?"

It's a healthy kind of stalking I assure you...hehe

  • Jaci Burton

  • J.R. Ward (YAY! The new official cover of Lover Reborn was updated on her facebook today, super excited!)

  • Delilah Devlin

  • Lisa Kessler

I'm not that big of a stalker of authors, I'm more of a fellow blogger stalker, so watch out ;P


Cocktails and Books said...

Can't wait for Tohr's book, although I'm not sure about the cover.

Jet said...

Now that they have made the guy on the cover not so skinny looking and his hair darker he matches pretty much what I imagined Tohr to look like.
I am going to have to force myself to read slowly and take my time when I get his book haha

Tena @ Crazy Book Slut said...

awesome list of authors. I love how we all have our own take on the word "stalk"!
Ha Ha Ha!

Kelly said...

I can't wait for Tohr's story! I guess I should catch up, though. Phury's story is waiting for me but I'm so backed up, LOL! Thanks for participating!

Crystal ♥ said...

Lisa Kessler! I stalk...follow her too! lol
I can't wait for Tohr's story either and I like the cover now as well. I'm glad they changed it a bit.
Thanks for joining in the follow!

Sally Bibrary said...

I'm less an author stalker and more a Goodreads stalker - I get obsessed with following threads and bookshelves. :)


Jet said...

It is so easy to lose track of time when you are Goodreads stalking haha

Thanks for all the comments ladies, I appreciate every single one :)

Madame D said...

I love JR Ward too - Tohr my fav BDB warrior *swoon*

And you can stalk me any day Luv *kiss*

Blue Shedevil said...

Yeeees! Jaci Burton, I love that you guys are picking up the few I left out!

Amber I @ Awesomesauce said...

I have only heard of J.R Ward. I am going to have to check the others out.

Redheads Review It Better said...

I love Jaci Burton. I have seen J.R Ward on a couple lists now. I'm going to have to check her out.

Jet said...

J.R. Ward is a genius! My favourite author without a doubt.

Thanks for stopping by my blog :) I love reading comments.

Liz @ Fictional Candy said...

Oh such a question... JR Ward. When I was reading the series, I joined newsgroups, the message board on her website, googled images constantly, facebook... I just couldn't get enough.

Currently my "stalking" authors are Lauren Dane, Heather Killough Walden and Katie MacAlister. I'm a dragon fanatic at the moment. I'm pretty sure me and Gabriel Touhou would make a fantastic couple.

Is that crazy?!!?

Jet said...

It's only crazy if you don't "stalk" them, they are brilliant authors :P

I have quite a few Lauren Dane books on my to-buy list, I'll have to move them toward the top of the list I think.