Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Bird With The Broken Wing By D L Richardson

The Bird with the Broken Wing

*Submitted for review by Author*

Genre: Young Adult Paranormal


Angels may not reveal themselves to mortals…

...but when the mortal Rachael’s watching over is hurting, how can she stay hidden in the shadows?

Guardian angel Rachael becomes trapped with the mortal she’s been assigned to watch over. Unable to watch him suffer, she decides the only way to free him of his inner demons is to break the rules about becoming involved, revealing her true identity, and applying divine intervention. But what choice does she have? Without her help, his soul will be trapped forever. Then a stranger appears, giving Rachael reason to wonder if his is the only soul in need of saving...


Jet finds herself waking up in what she thinks is a detox centre after having a mix of vodka and pills, making friends with Ben and Rachael who are also there with their own personal demons to face, but all is not as it seems. Ben is stuck in a bit of a trickly situation, infatuated with Jet, while his friend Rachael is falling for him unknown to him of course, but there is more to Rachael and the situation they all finds themselves in then meets the eye.  Ben is haunted by the thoughts of his past, most involving his mother and being in the war; Jet helps banish those memories when he is around her;

“Ben had lied when he’d said Jet was pretty. She was hot. And she had an awesome smile, the kind that could blindside you. Maybe it was or wasn’t love at first sight, but Jet’s smile filled the hole in his heart and for a brief moment he didn’t care that nothing could fill the deep well in his head.”

During a Group therapy session in which Rachael decided to head up, Jet walks out, not wanting to be involved, wanting to go swim and enjoy her time which is wear something strange happens and she is almost drowned and that is when things start to get real freaky. I really didn’t like the character Rachael in this; she got on my nerves so many times, she comes across as a bit of a know it all and controlling, especially when it comes to Ben though with who she is, I guess that is understandable and toward the end you like her and understand her more. This was a great read, nothing like I have read before. I loved the storyline and how it kept you guessing and the ending was perfect.

Rating: ««««


Braine @ Talk Supe said...

The heroine shares your name, that's cute! as well as the cover

Jet said...

I know! I was pretty excited about that haha I love the cover, it's so beautiful.