Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Night Falls Darkly By Kim Lenox

Night Falls Darkly (Shadow Guard #1)

Genre:Paranormal Romance


A cunning immortal who's been called upon to reclaim a marked soul...

Ever since an accident took away her memory, Miss Elena Whitney can't recall the secrets of her own past. All she knows is that with her mysterious benefactor Archer, Lord Black, returning to London at the behest of Queen Victoria, she should seize the chance to get some answers.

A member of the immortal Shadow Guard, Archer has been summoned to London to eliminate the soul of an evil demon-Jack the Ripper. Archer feels not only bound to protect the women of the night, but also his beautiful young ward, Elena, whom he spared from death two years before. But with a wave of panic spreading across London, Archer fears that Elena is his weakness-a distraction he can't afford, especially since she's likely to become the Ripper's next target...


Elena has little memory of her life in the past and now lives in a mansion under the guardianship of Lord Black, but when he comes for a visit, he is not what Elena was expecting. When she sees him the first time almost totally stark naked apart from some cloth I was green with envy!

“Elena turned. Her eyes widened.
Flickering lamplight revealed the outline of a man standing in a small alcove off the study. A tall, naked man, save for the small narrow swath of linen he clasped against a tightly corded hip. His skin glistened and golden, except for the defining shadows that clung to each tautened sinew. Behind him sat an enamelled hip tub.”

Sparks fly between Elena and Lord Black and the tension between them sizzles but he must remember why he has come back and not get distracted. Lord Black has returned back to London because he is on the hunt, after Jack the ripper who is killing women as he is a shadow guardian he needs to stop him and Reclaim his soul. I really wanted to love this book, mostly because of the cover I mean look at it! I am not much for the historical romance genre even with this books paranormal edge, but I picked up this book and decided to give it a shot anyway. The wording and accented speech was well done with the old cockney accents. I liked how Elena had a mind of her own and was determined to make a name for herself in the profession of her choosing and not willing to submit to being married off. I think those of you who are fans of the historical romance genre will love this, but for someone like me who only dabbles lightly in the genre, it just didn’t float my boat.

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