Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Sexy Snippets


Night Falls Darkly by Kim Lenox (Shadow Guard #1)

Her heartbeat raced. Everything she'd been feeling-the irritation and impatience-went into a complete reversal at his touch. He gazed down at her with sensual, almost intimidating intensity. She still heard the voices of the museum visitors in the next room.
Lord Black kept his voice low and discreet. "I want to kiss you. To drag you off like the cretin you just vilified and ravish you behind that partition."
There was an earnest, raw, tone to his voice that thrilled her to the core. Gone was his emotionless facade. Her guidebook fell to the floor, forgotten, as she grasped his forearms and instinctively leaned into him, boldly matching her hips against his. The stiffening length of his arousal seared through the multiple layers of her undergarments and clothing.
She required no explanation to realize this as proof of his desire for her.
She gasped as he seized her by the waist, his thumbs curling possessively against her stomach.
He murmured, "Do you see why I have stayed away?"
So, you were avoiding me," she accused softly.
"What is the alternative?"
She peered up from beneath the curve of her bonnet. "Kiss me again."
"I can't stop at kisses."


Cocktails and Books said...

Love the cover on this one. I'm going to need to add this one to the TBR.

Jet said...

The cover is pretty much why I purchased it, very ab-tastic ;)

Crystal ♥ said...

Wow, haven't heard of this one until now but yeah...the cover def. caught my attention. On my TBR list it goes!