Sunday, January 1, 2012

Gabriel's Mate By Tina Folsom

Gabriel's Mate (Scanguards Vampires #3)

*Received for review from publisher*

Paranormal Romance


After Maya is turned into a vampire against her will, vampire and Scanguards bodyguard Gabriel is charged with protecting her and finding her attacker.

Gabriel has never guarded a body as perfect as Maya’s. But while the sexual tension between them rises and the rogue vampire closes in on them, Gabriel can’t allow himself to give into the desire he feels for Maya. He fears to fully show himself to her despite the intimacies they share - afraid she will react like all other women when she discovers the horror he hides.

Will she run from him when she discovers his secret, calling him a monster, a freak, a creature not worthy of her love?

Caution: graphic and explicit sex scenes - not for the faint of heart.


Gabriel is a second in-command Scanguard who is haunted by his past, not only emotionally but physically with a scar down one side of his face. Gabriel is different from others and has a sensitive private issue that doesn’t allow him to get close to women due to him feeling unworthy and a freak. All Gabriel wants is to be accepted and to be loved for who he is;

“At night, he could pretend to be an ordinary man with ordinary desires and dreams: for a loving wife, a family, a welcoming home. He knew he would be a good husband, gentle and loving, if only he was given a chance. But in all the years since his transformation he’d never met a woman who hadn’t looked at him with horror. He’d never even tried to make advances on any of them for fear of rejection.”

When Maya, who is a doctor, is attacked by a Rogue vampire and half turned she is sheltered under the protection of the Scanguard and Gabriel has an instant attraction toward her. When it comes to light that Maya’s turning isn’t taking effect, her human side is fighting back against the change and her vampire side isn’t strong enough; that she is dying because the rogue who tried to make her a vampire only half completed the job and she needs more blood, it’s Gabriel who offers to step up and save Maya. When Maya first awakens and seeing Gabriel’s scarred face, she is shocked and frightened but as she is around him more, she sees him for who he really is and isn’t effected by his facial scars. The first kiss that Maya and Gabriel share gives him hope that he has found someone who accepts him and as it turns out the pair share a very deep connection that makes them the prefect pair.

I loved the steamy scenes in this read, I couldn’t get enough of Gabriel and Maya and when Gabriel develops his certain...Talent, holy hotness. I could have read more and more about this couple, it was great how Maya finally found someone who could satisfy her and complete her just as Gabriel found someone who loved him for everything that he is. This read hooked me in right from the start, I couldn’t stop reading. For all those paranormal romance lovers out there, this series is one you have to try.



Brenda Demko said...

I really enjoyed this one too! I wish more people would give the Scanguard series a try.

Jet said...

This series is a hidden gem! I don't think I have ever gotten so enthralled by ebooks before, I usually find them hard to get into, but this is a must-read series for sure.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I love reading them :)