Friday, January 6, 2012

Samson's Lovely Mortal By Tina Folsom

Samson's Lovely Mortal (Scanguards Vampires #1)

*Received for review from publisher*

Paranormal Romance


Vampire bachelor Samson can't get it up anymore. Not even his shrink can help him. That changes when the lovely mortal auditor Delilah tumbles into his arms after a seemingly random attack. Suddenly there's nothing wrong with his hydraulics - that is, as long as Delilah is the woman in his arms.

His scruples about taking Delilah to bed vanish when his shrink suggests it's the only way to cure his problem. Thinking all he needs is one night with her, Samson indulges in a night of pleasure and passion.

However, another attack on Delilah and a dead body later, and Samson has his hands full: not only with trying to hide the fact he's a vampire, but also with finding out what secrets Delilah harbors for somebody to want her harm.

Ever since a bad experience with a lover in the past, Samson has a delicate issue that he has not been able to overcome due to the residual anger he is holding onto, he seeks the help if a therapist to try to help him get his mojo back, but little does he know that the very thing that will be his cure will come walking, or running as it were, right into his world. Delilah is attacked walking home from her work as an Auditor at one of the Scanguards offices, she managed to escape and run, finding safety knocking on a door that turns out to be Samson’s, but Samson mistakes her for someone else;

"What the hell are you doing, Samson?” Ricky asked.
“What do you think I’m doing? I’m having fun with the stripper you got me for my birthday.” Since when was Ricky all prim and proper? After all, this was his idiotic idea.
“Stripper?” the woman yelled. “I’m not a stripper!”

The heat between Samson and Delilah is immediate and after he does some apologising and mending for mistaking Delilah for a stripper, things between the two progresses. Samson realises how special Delilah is to him and how he cannot live without her, but his past situation with a woman comes back to haunt him and his insecurity with trust comes to the forefront leading to tension between them both. When Delilah finds out about what Samson is, she doesn’t handle it all that well, she is shocked and feels betrayed that he wasn’t upfront with her, but thankfully it works itself out in time. The connection between the woman in Samson’s past, Ilona and the reasoning behind Delilah’s attack was interesting to read about, I was glad when the woman got what she deserved in the end. I really loved Delilah’s character; she was strong and tough but also had a caring nature about her. Over all this was a great read, perhaps not quite as good as some of the others in the series to come, so if you were a little iffy about this one, don’t let it keep you from trying the others in the series, they are well worth the read and keep getting better as they go on. This swings between three and a half stars and four stars for me.


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Brenda Demko said...

I love this book and really like the Scanguards series! Thanks for the post. Hopefully more people will try it!