Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yvette's Haven By Tina Folsom

Yvette's Haven (Scanguards Vampires #4)

*Received for review from publisher*

Paranormal Romance


After being kidnapped by a vampire hunter, vampire bodyguard Yvette's first instinct is to kill the bastard. But before she gets the chance, she realizes that he was double-crossed by the witch he was working for and now is in as much danger as she is.

To get his brother out of trouble, bounty hunter / vampire slayer Haven has to deliver the young actress Kimberly to a witch. Unfortunately, she's protected by the very creature he hates most: a vampire.

As Yvette and Haven try to escape their prison and rescue the actress and Haven's brother, will their natural hatred for each other keep them apart or is the passion that bubbles up between them strong enough for them to dare risk their lives to defeat the witch from harnessing the greatest power of all?


Haven continues to suffer for what happened to him in his past, his mother killed by a vampire, his little sister Katie taken, he vows to find her and get her back with his brother by his side and kill as many vampires as they can along the way. Though Haven’s brother turns out to be more trouble than he is worth, a witch holds him hostage in exchange for him kidnapping an actress that is guarded by Yvette, a Scanguard vampire, unknown to Haven. When Haven lays eyes upon Yvette, he is instantly attracted to her, but when he finds out what she is, he is disgusted, he sees all vampires with hatred because of the killing of his mother. As it turns out, the witch he trusted to release his bother in return for the favour lied to him and has no intention of completing the deal, she wants all three of them, Haven, his brother and the actress for her own gain. Due to the facet of Haven’s unwillingness to kill Yvette when he kidnaps the actress, Kimberly, she gets held hostage along with the others, where Haven is forced to face to attraction he feels for her which comes to a head when the witch tried to destroy Yvette by exposing her to sunlight;

“He’d never moved that quickly in his entire life. He’d acted on pure instinct when he’d grabbed her and practically slammed her into the tiny bathroom to get her out of the way before Bess had pried a corner of the plywood away from the window. He still felt his knees tremble at the thought. But he was in no mood to examine his reaction to the threat that was solely aimed at Yvette. He didn’t want to dig too deeply into his reasons of why he was protecting her. He didn’t want to think right now. He only wanted to feel. Her.”

I have to admit, I had Kimberly’s connection to the whole situation pegged from the start, but it didn’t bother me in the slightest, I still loved reading about it and seeing it all unfolding before my eyes. What Haven did to make sure that the power wouldn't harm anyone and would not corrupt or cause any danger, sacrificing himself, was so heartbreaking but I am glad that it works out. There are quite a few twists and turns throughout the read and some things that are revealed that are unexpected, like with Haven’s father and what really went on with his mother. The plot is so easy to follow and the story keeps your attention right from beginning to end. I didn’t quite love this one as much as the last one, but it was still a great read.



Brenda Demko said...

I love Tina Folsom's Scanguards series! I have this book but haven't read it yet.Thanks for reminding me! I got a little distracted from my book reading by all the shopping and family gatherings for the holidays. I plan to get back on track soon! :)

Jet said...

I have only just got back into book reading after the holiday season madness myself. Glad I started my year with this amazing series :D