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Author Interview: Xavier Axelson

About the Author:

Xavier Axelson is a writer of erotica for Silver Publishing and Seventh Window Publications. He is also the Los Angeles Sex Advice Columnist and Fringe Artists columnist for

Xavier has worked in the adult industry for over 15 years. During this time, he has assisted countless people with exploring their healthy sexual needs, questions, and lifestyles. He has trained as a dungeon master, worked for a notorious Hollywood Madame as a consultant and as a talent agent for the adult film industry.

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What are some of your favourite reads?

I really am a fan of British literature and like a good spy story and definitely suspenseful thrillers. Eye of the Needle, If Tomorrow Comes, and Dream of Orchids are three favorites that come to mind.

What inspired you to write this genre specifically?

I was inspired by an article I read about women writing Gay erotica and thought, “If they can do it, maybe I can too.” I’ve had some experience being both Gay and Erotic. I then found a call for submissions asking for Gay Christmas Romances and wrote Christmas Eve at The Powers That Be CafĂ© and things kind of took off from there.

Does anything in particular inspire your books?

I’m inspired by all kinds of things; Lily my release prior to Earthly Concerns was inspired by a horrendous amount of construction going on by my home. I started to fantasize that the noise and chaos woke some horrendous creature living in the nearby woods and it came down from it’s lair and wreaked havoc. I incorporated that idea with the true story of a young girl being dragged off her swing set by a coyote. The story I’m writing now was inspired by a shoe I saw in a recent copy of Vogue, so my ideas come from everywhere.

What was your first writing experience like?

My first writing experience happened in grade school. I wrote a seven page story and turned it in only to be out done by a kid who wrote 10 pages, I immediately took the story back and made it 15 just to be sure mine was longer, lol.  

Have you ever had any regrets with something you have written or wished you could go back and write something differently?

No, I made a promise to myself when I started getting published that I would never defend my writing, or apologize for it. I think if you stay honest to yourself and your creative path then there is no reason to regret.

Do you think there is enough support for writers of the same-sex/gay genre?

I’ve found a tremendous amount of support, I’ve not felt any negative consequences for writing in the Gay genre. Maybe I’ve been lucky. I think it’s important to support all creative forms of expression, it’s a tough enough to get your work out there without additional aggravation.

There is quite a large female fan base for the m/m romance genre, why do you think that is?

I think women see themselves in the characters being written in M/M romances and that’s great! I think women have had as hard a road to plow as the Gay community and so it would make sense that they see themselves in the writing of Gay characters and vice versa.

In your book “Earthly Concerns” Anson had psychic abilities, do you yourself believe in psychics?

I believe in psychic ability, I think everyone is psychic to some extent, some more than others. How boring the world would be without the gifts of insight and foresight.

Did you find writing something paranormal harder than a book more contemporary or “realistic” based?

No, because I think life is pretty paranormal at times, and while there are paranormal elements to both Lily and Earthly Concerns, I feel both the books have contemporary settings with realistic themes driving the stories forward.

Any final thoughts or comments?

Just remember, pressure makes diamonds.
Earthly Concerns by Xavier Axelson

Between love and loss, there is obligation… It was a peaceful night when Barrett and his daughter were driving home… then something happened. Something sinister. Between shadow and light, there is uncertainty… Now the only person Barrett can turn to for help is Anson, a man gifted with psychic abilities beyond reason. But Anson is also his ex-boyfriend, a man whose heart he’d already broken. If you can see, you have to help. As Anson delves deeper into the circumstances surrounding Barrett’s accident, he begins to realize that he’s not only in a race against time, but in a battle against his own broken heart and the terrifying understanding that whatever has taken Barrett’s child is a force of evil beyond anything either man has ever encountered. And between decision and consequences, there are… Earthly Concerns

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