Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cold As Ice By Cassandra Carr

Cold As Ice (Buffalo Intimidators #2)

*ARC Submitted for review by Author*

Erotic Romance


Luc, Carter, and Jake make up the Buffalo Intimidators' top scoring line. Each of them is also a client of massage therapist Eva. When they decide they want to be more than clients, they approach her. Eva's been secretly lusting after the guys for months but was afraid to say anything, trying to keep everything on a professional level.

She agrees to a menage relationship, but when people on the team start getting sick, will it turn into more than a fun roll in the hay with her hockey boys?

You haven’t read a good ménage or quatre as it were unless you’ve read a Cassandra Carr, this was in fact my first quatre read and I very much enjoyed it, the steamy scenes are so well written and never too graphic but never leave you feeling disappointed. Luc, Carter and Jake have been coming to Eva for messages but they all want something more from her, they want her all for themselves, and they love to share. Eva is unsure of what to do at first but after a little thinking she knows that she wants what the guys want as well. Out of the three men, I think Jake might have been my favourite...or maybe Carter, who am I kidding is it impossible to pick just one! I liked how all the characters meshed well together and each had their own personality that leapt off the page. It was also nice that the characters from the previous book “Head Games” also got a mention. There was some good humour mixed in with the story, I just loved Eva’s spark;

“Eva glowered at him. “Unless you want the possibility of me kicking a very sensitive area, I’d suggest you not tickle my foot.” Luc backed up a step and both of the other guys chuckled...”.

I devoured this book in one sitting, I couldn’t stop reading. I wanted to read more and more. I also liked the trouble that came with the supplement situation, it added a realness to the read and really sucked you in to what was happening and left you eager to find out how everything was to turn out. I think I liked the first book a little more than this one but this was still a book that I really liked; Cassandra Carr writes sport themed erotic reads like no one else. 


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