Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dirty Little Secret


Question of the Week

"What are your top 3 movies?"

I generally tend to like movies that are a little quirky or out of the ordinary. My top three movies in no particular order are:

1. Juno
I just love Juno's unique nature and sense of humor. Not to mention the sarcasm!

2. Napoleon Dynamite

One of the most weird and quirky movies I think I have ever seen.
This movie never gets old, I just keep watching it over and over again. I always laugh at Tina the Llama.

3. Labyrinth

Hello David Bowie!
I use to love watching this movie growing up and I still love it. I even have the soundtrack I am so obsessed with it.  *swoon*


Lauren B said...

I haven't seen these but they look good.

Here's my Dirty Secret for the week.

_yay_ said...

*shameonme* I haven't seen those either, but at least heart abt Juno lol. That's a start, right?! :-)
Happy Thursday!
My DLS: DirtyLittleSecret

Jet said...

They are very peculiar movies so it's understandable, I'm a rather weird person with an odd taste in movies and such :)
Thank-you both for stopping by!

Jess said...

Love your picks! I enjoyed all these movies very much, but Labyrinth is my favorite out of the three. Love me some Bowie!

Here's mine:

Jamie said...

Great list! I LOVED Labyrinth when I was little. Still love it! And Juno cracked me up.

Here's my DLS


Jet said...

Thank-you both for stopping by and commenting, I checked out both your DLS's ;)

Ning said...

I've heard great things about Juno, but sadly Napoleon Dynamite just wasn't my thing. Btw, your button is awesome! Love the wings!


Ning @ Reading by Kindle Fire

Jet said...

Napoleon Dynamite is very much a movie you either like or you don't lol I love my button as well :)