Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lily By Xavier Axelson


Genre: Paranormal Romance


Being a single Dad is hard enough...but when Pryor loses his daughter Lily in an unthinkable event, he thinks he has experienced the ultimate horror. When Lily returns, he realizes his nightmare has only just begun...


This may have only been a short read but it was beautiful. It was so heart breaking the way Pryor had to suffer with the loss of his daughter and that he had waited so long for the day for her to come back only to have to let her go again, thankfully he had Ned to help him through. I really loved Ned as a character; he’s so caring and strong, just wanting to make everything better for Pryor. The relationship between the two really made the book for me; they are just a perfect pair. The emotion leaps off the pages and sucks you right into the story; I wanted to read more and more. Not at all your standard paranormal read, it’s deep and meaningful. I really enjoy the way Xavier Axelson writes; the way he uses descriptive elements throughout the story makes the story flow so well and allows you to get carried away.

I don’t think there are any negatives to this read for me, except that maybe that it wasn’t long enough, I wanted more! But that is just a compliment to how much of a great read this was. Even though the ending wasn’t a classic “happy” one where everything is tied up in a nice little bow, it was suited to the story and it was heart breakingly perfect. 

Rating: ««««

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