Monday, May 14, 2012

Loaded Question By Cassandra Carr

Loaded Question

*Submitted for review by Author*

Short Story/Romance/Contemporary


Rob adores his girlfriend, Daisy. She’s a Southern belle girly-girl, which is perfect, except for one thing. As much as Daisy likes sex, she draws the line at oral. She’s not good at it, and Rob has resigned himself to doing without. That is, until Daisy offers to get a tutor. Is this a great idea or the worst mistake Rob has ever made?


This is one quick, hot little read. Daisy, a girly-girl wanting to learn the finer points to pleasing her man and making him lose control. I was really liking Master Tom the Dom, it rhymes, that can only be a good thing, would love to read a full length story about some of his escapades! Maybe even a girl who could even teach him a thing or two in the bedroom and be the boss, sounds good to me.

I liked how caring Rob was about Daisy, not pressuring her to do anything she didn’t want to, not wanting her to feel bad about herself in any way, all heart, though I’m not so sure I’d be all for my girl sucking on a random guy, even if in the end he would be benefitting from it. The short 35 pages left me wanting more, though I expected nothing less from a story written by Cassandra Carr.

Rating: ««««


Diana (@Offbeat Vagabond) said...

Wow, this is different LOL! It sounds sexy, but I am with you, I am not sure about my other half getting a "tutor" LOL! But Carr is new to me, I might give it a go. Very interesting read. Love a good short. Thanks hon :)

Jet said...

It sure was different ;)
Carr writes some great sports themed erotic romances as well, she knows just how to write a sexy read.