Monday, July 2, 2012

Mia's Cop Craving 2: Double Teamed By Malia Mallory

Mia's Cop Craving 2: Double Teamed (Police Officer Sex Fantasy #2)

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Mia is just your normal girl next store with a secret. She can't resist a man in blue! Join Mia as she continues her adventures with sexy police officer Rogan. This time he helps make her ménage à trois fantasy a reality.


 Mia and her naughty fantasies becoming reality continues! I tell you this Mia, she has one dirty mind. Now with her first cop fantasy with Rogan is complete, she has another one that she wishes to be fulfilled, one that would include another man and Rogan is only happy to take it upon himself to see Mia’s wishes come true. Not just any man would be included in this little fantasy come to life though, but Jeff, someone Rogan worked with in the past and boy he is just what the doctor ordered.

I enjoyed this read just as much as I did the first, I think perhaps even just a tad more. It had a few more pages to it than the first which was a great bonus, though it is still a quick read. These little hot reads are just the way I like them, not too crazy, not too over-the top, just perfect. I am loving this author and her fabulously dirty mind, I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next for Mia!

Rating: ««««


Diana (@Offbeat Vagabond) said...

Jeez, it is hot as hell here and reading about these books will make me pass out from heat exhaustion LOL! Great review again. Love that this is even better than the first. That is always a great sign. Love that it isn't so over-the-top and crazy. Great stuff. Thanks a million hon :)

Jet said...

That is true Diana, better switch on a fan hehe I think the fact that this one was a little longer than the first helped a lot, more pages of steam is always a plus ;)
When reads are over-the-top and crazy with the naughty times it can really ruin a book for me.

Thanks for commenting, love reading them!

Diana (@Offbeat Vagabond) said...

Oh my fan is on full blast, trust me LOL! That is great that there was more to love this time around. I agree, if it is over-the-top and all, it feel unrealistic and forced. It can turn you off really. Glad that wasn't the case here. Great review again hon :)