Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Beyond The Night By Joss Ware

Beyond the Night (Envy Chronicles #1)

Genre: Paranormal Romance


Everything they knew is gone...
From the remnants of devastation, five men emerge with extraordinary new powers. They are humankind's last hope, but they cannot survive this devastated world alone.

When Dr. Elliott Drake emerges from a cave after traveling fifty years through time, the world as he knew it is gone. Cities are overgrown jungles, and what's left of civilization has been repressed by crystal-wearing immortal beings. But even more unsettling: Elliott has acquired an extraordinary ability--the power to heal.

But even that gift, in a world that lacks the technology and infrastructure of his past, is a two-edged sword for Elliott.

Jade Kapiza, who'd been imprisoned by the immortal beings, has been in hiding for years. But now she's determined to help the human race fight back against the control of her captors. She can trust no one...but when Elliott comes into her life, he pushes at her defenses and begins to tear down the walls she's built so carefully.

Yet the mysterious doctor seems to have secrets of his own. Can Jade trust Elliott with her heart, even as they risk their lives to save a band of innocents?

And can Elliott find a new place for himself--a home--in this new, ravaged world?


This read too a lot of patience and persistence to get into. It started off slow and I eventually just couldn’t go on with it and took a break to read something else before I came back to it and gave it another shot. Thankfully nearing the half-way point into the book, things got more interesting as we found out about the “Strangers” and how the world got all screwed up.

Jade was a kick-ass strong woman which I loved, however I didn’t like how she did kind-of use Luke to try and get things that she needed from him. Using Luke’s want for her to her own advantage isn’t really an appealing character trait, though he turned out to be a major jerk in the end, well he was a jerk even at the start but even more so towards the end so he won’t be getting any sympathy from me.

It was an original read and I did like the apocalyptic aspect of the whole thing. I also enjoyed how some of the characters had a special power or ability. It didn’t meet my expectations and I was left just a little disappointed at how the read started but overall it was a good book and I am fascinated to see what happens in the next installment.

Rating: «««


Diana (@Offbeat Vagabond) said...

Great review hon. Sorry this started off so slow, but it did get a bit better though. I will be cautious of this, thank you hon. But this sounds very interesting. I do love the idea of the apocalyptic feel, sounds unique. Thank you so much hon

Jet said...

I'm usually not big on "apocalyptic" type reads but the more I read that are like this, the more appeal I have for the genre. It was unique indeed.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Diana (@Offbeat Vagabond) said...

Really? How can you not? I love it a lot especially when there are zombies involved. That is great you still stuck with it though even though it wasn't your kind of genre. Man, I can't wait to start this. Very exciting. Thanks again hon and no problem at all :)