Monday, September 10, 2012

Double Vision By Cassandra Carr

Double Vision (Buffalo Intimidators #3) 

*Submitted for review by author*

Genre: Erotic Romance


Everything Red knew about relationships is called into question when he stumbles upon his roommate Fredrik and his girlfriend Liz going at it hot and heavy and Liz invites him to join them. Struggling with recovering from a knee injury, the young defenseman doesn't know what to make of his attraction to Liz--after all, she's his teammate's woman, right?

As an older player, Fredrik's been around the rink a time or ten, and he knows he has an awesome thing going with Liz. He envisions a future with her, but isn't sure how their interludes with Red fit into the long-term picture.

Liz thinks Fredrik's her forever-guy, but her sudden attraction to Red is causing doubts. The more they play together in the bedroom, the more their outside lives--and emotions-- become entangled. When the unthinkable happens, all three must take a hard look at what they want and make some surprising decisions in the process.


 This may just be my favourite Buffalo Intimidators installment yet. Each of the characters appealed to me, especially Red, he is such a sweetheart. I couldn’t blame Liz for the feeling she had for him, when Red acted so genuinely adorable with the lost dog he had me swooning. Red may be the more immature out of the three in the ménage but he more than makes up for it in heart. I liked how Liz was the initiator of sorts for a ménage relationship and how Fredrik was willing to do whatever he could to help fulfil Liz’s fantasies.

Fredrick is like the glue holding all three of them together, helping Red find the confidence to be comfortable as part of a ménage, while keeping Liz strong and feeling loved. Though I do have to say, I would have liked to see some Red and Fredrik action.

I could have read more and more from these three, the pages just flew by, and it ended a bit too soon for my liking. I would have liked to have read about Red going back to see his family and how they would have taken the relationship. A ménage can be written badly, it can be written well or it can be done the Cassandra Carr way, which is just the way I like it. I would give this read four and a half stars.

  Rating: ««««


Diana (@Offbeat Vagabond) said...

Wow, this sounds interesting. I have not read this series, but it sounds good. I love finding books that are so good, the pages just fly by and you want more and more. I haven't read anything by Cassandra Carr before, but I will and pronto. Thank you so much for the great review hon :)

Jet said...

I agree, I love when I find a book I enjoy so much that the pages fly by but when you reach the end, it's a bit of a downer because you want to keep reading lol

Appreciate you stopping by and commenting :D