Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Secrets Exposed By Lisa Renee Jones

Secrets Exposed (Tall, Dark & Deadly #0.5)

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Her enemy is her passion, her passion is her enemy.

Lindsey Paxton was once the number one defense attorney in New York. She fought for those who were innocent, but charged. Her instincts were her lifeline, never failing her, as they guided her in her choices of who to defend. Or so she thought. Until she won a case she would forever wish to have lost. Her client, an accused rapist, kills and rapes a woman only a day after being set free. Destroyed by her role in the woman's death, Lindsey blames her father's controlling ways for what she has become, and runs from her career and life.

Years later - the past becomes the present . . . Her father has cancer, and Lindsey is forced to leave her career with the Washington branch of the FBI. She finds herself facing the responsibility of running her father's law firm with the reluctant help of hotshot attorney Mark Reeves, a man who sparks her temper while also managing to tempt her body, her mind, maybe even her heart. With his help she finds herself fighting the emotional battles of the past, tempted to trust both him and her instincts. Now, faced with a case inherited from her father so similar to her career-ending one, she now must decide if her instincts will lead her down the path to saving an innocent man or setting free another killer. But while she fights her own battles, someone watches, wanting from the past what he had failed to get the first time . . . Lindsey.


Usually I am all for a Lisa Renee Jones read, but this one fell a little short for me. The plotline itself I really enjoyed, but the characters took a while to warm up to and I never got emotionally attached to them which made the read a little uninteresting. I didn’t much care for Lindsey’s father at all, he seemed rather selfish and hot-headed, determined to do what he wanted even if it would make his daughter unhappy or at the destruction of the company he worked so hard to build.

Lindsey’s ex was a real jerk, for a while there I thought that he was the killer and slightly hoped he would be so Lindsey could get rid of this guy from her life for good. The climax scene where the killer comes to light and everything comes to a front felt a bit rushed, I would have liked a bit more expansion of why the killer did what he did or something along those lines.

Over all this was not a bad read at all but it didn’t live up to my expectations. I found the first in the series to be more enthralling, so if you don’t like this prequel don’t give up on the series without reading the first book. 

Rating: «««

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Board Resolution By Joey W. Hill

Board Resolution (Knights of the Board Room #1)

Genre: Erotica


Savannah was groomed from birth to take the reins of her father’s manufacturing empire. Her emotional armor is as tough as the steel used in her factories, and nobody is allowed past it. Business partner Matt realizes that the key to entry is to command her submission. Calling on the unique sensual talents of his four-man management team, he engineers an aggressive and erotic takeover, determined to rescue the woman he loves from the steel cage she’s manufactured around her heart. Masked and lost to the sensations the team arouses in her, Savannah is theirs, at least for this one night.



What a book! Joey W. Hill certainly made one hell of a sexy read with this one; if this book was any hotter I think it may have caused me to spontaneously combust. I have to say, the idea of multiple men where the only goal is to please a woman out of her wits did appeal to me a lot, though the situation in which it happened was just a little off-putting, but once I got into the read it didn’t bother me in the slightest.

Savannah as a character I quite enjoyed, her strength and using her assets to get where she wants to be, though reading about how lonely and constricted she was living her life due to her father’s rules and upbringing was rather sad, but Matt and his men certainly took care of that. Savannah was one lucky woman!

I haven’t found many reads with the kind of set-up where it is focused all about the female leads satisfaction, but there should definitely be more of them like that out there. If you like a hot read with a bit of bondage/bdsm and where the female lead is pleasured until she can’t think straight, then this may just be a read that you will enjoy. A well deserved four and a half star rating for this book, Joey W. Hill, you rocked my world.

Rating: ««««

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Yours To Keep By Shannon Stacey

Yours to Keep (Kowalski Family #3)

Genre: Contemporary Romance


Emma Shaw needs a husband, and fast! Not because she's interested in romance—after all, she's too busy with her landscaping company—but because Grandma Shaw is coming to town, and she will have nonstop questions about Emma's (stagnant) love life.

Sean Kowalski no sooner leaves the army than he's recruited by Emma to be her fake fiance. Sean doesn't like the deception, but he can't help his attraction to the feisty brunette. A little pretend kissing won't hurt anyone—especially when there's no chance he'll fall for a woman with deep roots in a town he's not planning to call home. But when fake, innocent kisses lead to very real, explosive sparks, Emma and Sean discover that their big ruse might just lead to happily-ever-after….


Another great addition to the Kowalski series, these books have become like some kind of drug to me, I cannot get enough. I love the humour in these reads and this installment was no different, the “magic penis” comments had me giggling on many occasions. It was also great to get snippets from the lives of the couples from previous books and how their lives are progressing.

I really enjoyed reading about Emma’s grandmother, Cat. She was a crafty woman and she caught on right away to something fishy going on between Sean and Emma, teaming up with Sean’s Aunt Mary to try and get the pair to see how perfect they are for each other was brilliant. Not to mention Aunt Mary was a bit of a character herself, I could help but laugh when she knocked Sean on the head with her spoon and it was very sweet to see Cat find a new unexpected love throughout the read as well.

Emma was a riot and rather quirky; her sarcastic lines created some very memorable scenes. I wasn’t sure whether I would like Sean so I was a little hesitant when I started the read, but my hesitation was unwarranted; he was everything I had hoped he would be as a Kowalski. I loved the little sticky notes he would put on Emma’s mirror and it was heartbreaking when he left the blank one.

This was almost a five star book for me but it just was missing a little bit of something that I can’t quite put my finger on, however this is definitely deserving of a high four and a half star rating. If you are looking for a new romance series that is as enjoyable to read as it is enthralling, then this may just be a series for you.
Rating: ««««

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Wild and Wicked Halloween Scavenger Hunt

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Book Spotlight

Title: The Curse of King Ramesses II
Author:  Victoria Roder
Publisher: Wild Child Publishing    .
Length:   Novel
Sub-Genres:  Paranormal, Suspense

The Curse of King Ramesses II, dinosaurs, a wall of skulls and mummies, oh my!
One fateful night, Mia and her best friend Jody stow away in the Bradford Museum to investigate the mysterious mummy exhibit from the Cairo Museum. Rumors of the Curse of King Ramesses II have surfaced. It's believed, that
due to the king's tyranny the Egyptian people vowed to rise up against him. In revenge, Ramesses II vowed he would never rest until all of the perpetrators against him and their ancestors were brought to justice. Now, spend the night in the dark, deserted museum. Experience the roar of the dinosaurs, the cold blast of the arctic, and always run past the wall of skulls. Be prepared for a night of heart-racing action as the girls dare to solve the ancient Egyptian curse of King Ramesses II. Will Mia and Jody survive the investigation or will the mummified king's revenge be fulfilled?


From the corridor entrance of the temple, we stepped into a spacious, round room with seven mummies spaced around the outskirts in a circle and one
roped-off sarcophagus smack dab in the center. It was the mummy everyone had been talking about, King Ramesses II, on loan from the Egyptian museum in Cairo, the one haunting the Bradford Museum. Standing in front of the
sarcophagus, my irrational fear that this mummy could spring to life at any moment made my pulse pound so hard against my temples that I wondered if the sound might wake the king. I squeezed Mr. Wister’s hand in a death grip that a
professional wrestler would be proud of, but he didn’t complain.
“Are you okay, Mia?” He pushed his round glasses farther up his thin nose.
Too afraid to speak, I nodded. It seemed Mr. Wister didn’t believe the stories of the curse. Hovering in the display with the hair on the back of my neck standing at attention, I knew the rumors must be true.
“Just like the other mummies in this display, King Ramesses II has been deceased for a long time. His body has been preserved with resin-soaked linen bandages,” Mr. Wister said.
“Of course he’s been dead for a long time, otherwise he wouldn’t be mummified.” I whispered.
“No need to whisper, Mia. There is nothing to be afraid of here.” Mr. Wister stepped toward the roped-off area of the king’s sarcophagus. It was made up of two separate pieces and shaped like a body. It appeared to be made of stone, and the top half of the sarcophagus had the impression of the king’s face painted gold, and his eyes and eyebrows were outlined in black. The king’s headdress was decorated with alternating stripes of blue and gold. The mummified king rested in the bottom half, which was carved with hieroglyphics. The top half of the sarcophagus was placed above him, and the halves were separated by glass.
“The hieroglyphics carved into the sarcophagus are prayers from the Book of The Dead, engraved over and over,” Mr. Wister said.
The farther away I moved from the mummy, the safer I felt. I stepped backward, backward, backward until the heel of my shoe bumped something, and I stumbled. Flailing my arms, I tried to stabilize myself.
No luck.
Toppling, toppling… An unearthly howl that belonged in the horror movie hall of fame escaped my throat. My arms waved as I tried to catch myself, but I crashed to the cold floor. I didn’t stumble over something, but someone!


Victoria Roder lives in Central Wisconsin with her husband and house full of pets. Her original goal in writing was to get something published that mentioned each of her fur babies to honor them for all eternity. When you check out Victoria's murder mystery novels and other children's books, you'll come across her beloved pets. Her short stories have appeared in several anthologies and her puzzles have appeared in magazines and activity books. Appearing in a cookbook is the most fun Victoria has ever had in publishing, because she admits she is domestically challenged, but loves to brag to her husband that she's in a cookbook!
Please visit Victoria at:

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Undeniably Yours By Shannon Stacey

Undeniably Yours (Kowalski Family #2)

Genre: Contemporary Romance


One-night stand + two percent condom failure rate = happily ever after?

Bar owner Kevin Kowalski is used to women throwing their phone numbers at him, but lately he's more interested in finding a woman to settle down with. A woman like Beth Hansen. If only their first meeting hadn't gone so badly....

Beth's tending bar at a wedding when she comes face-to-face with a tuxedo-clad man she never thought she'd see again. She tries to keep her distance from Kevin but, by last call, she can't say no to his too-blue eyes or the invitation back to his room. Then she slips out before breakfast without leaving a note and, despite their precautions, pregnant.

Kevin quickly warms to the idea of being a dad and to seeing where things go with Beth. After all, he's not the player she thinks he is. But she's not ready for a relationship and, given his reputation, it's going to take a lot to convince her to go on a second date with the father of her child.



Really loving this series, if you are on the lookout for a new romance to get addicted to then I would suggest making a start on these books. Right from the very beginning Kevin stole my heart, he made me swoon at so many moments in this read with the way he thought, his actions and the kind of man that he is. It is impossible not to completely adore him, must be the Kowalski gene.

I love how the story all started with Beth getting pregnant, usually with romances somewhere in the middle or toward the end of the story the main female will find herself in that situation and you get a watered down version of how everything works out and the two main couple finding happily ever after easily. In this read you get all the turmoil, the heartbreak, the confusion of what to do and how to make things work, it was perfect and refreshing.

The only character I didn’t much care for was Sam. He didn’t quite cut it for me with the blackmail to get Paulie to go out with him, even though it all turned out for the best in the end, he screamed of jerk to me. He sure didn’t measure up to the Kowalski men, not even close. I like Paulie, her breaking free of her past identity for find her true self and live the life she wanted for herself was brave.

It was nice that adorable Bobby made a couple of appearances and being his cute self and that we got an update on how Keri and Joe are going from the first book. I could not speak more highly of this series so far, even though this wasn’t quite as good as the first it was still brilliant and worthy of four and a half stars. I can't wait until the next book arrives in the mail, I know I am going to love it; I cannot get enough of these Kowalski men!
Rating: ««««