Saturday, January 12, 2013

Bounty For Hunter By AJ Wiliams

Bounty For Hunter

Genre: Romantic Suspense


Keylee isn’t your typical bounty hunter. She’s young, petite, and has a Doberman pinscher as her personal bodyguard. Just as Keylee returns to town from a month long assignment, she’s asked to protect a man named Hunter, who has jumped bond and is on the run from other bounty hunters and the police. The mere fact that she knows who Hunter is and why the police are after him, places her life at risk. Now, Keylee has a limited time to save Hunter and herself.


A fast paced read that is packed full of action, no boring filler to skip or glance over which is a plus from where I stand. There is nothing worse than reading a book and having to force yourself to keep reading through scenes that have no real relevance to the story.

The scene between Keylee and Hunter in the bedroom when Hunter spies her “taking care of business” so to speak was rather steamy; the pair have some real chemistry. Keylee is a perfect female lead in my eyes; she is strong with what she had to overcome with what happened to her in the past and determined to do what she needs to do to protect Hunter yet has a softer side to balance it out.

It was nice seeing how Keylee interacted with her brothers and how protective they were of her; it will be interesting to see if they get their own stories, particularly the adopted brother Thomas. The scenes changed can be a little bit jarring but they didn’t affect my overall enjoyment of the book much at all, the story just flew by and I found myself left with wanting to read more. If you like a read with a kick-ass leading woman then you should consider giving this book a try.

Rating: ««««


Diana Ramsey said...

Awesome review hon. This sounds like my kind of read. Keylee and Hunter sound like one steamy couple. I can't wait to meet these characters and find out more about this story. Thank you so much again hon :)

Jet said...

Thanks Diana :)
They are a steamy couple, I really enjoyed reading about the pair. Hope you end up liking it as much as I did when you get around to reading it.

Diana Ramsey said...

@Jet - I hope I do too. They sound like they have great chemistry, I can't wait to meet them. Thanks again hon :)