Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Prince By Tiffany Reisz

The Prince (The Original Sinners #3)

Genre: Erotica


Keep your friends close and your enemies closer...preferably in bed. That's always been Kingsley Edge's strategy with his associate, the notorious New York dominatrix Nora Sutherlin. But with Nora away in Kentucky, now it's Kingsley's chance to take her place at the feet of the only man he's ever wanted -- Søren, Nora's on-again, off-again lover -- until a new threat from an old enemy forces him to confront his past.

Wes Railey is still the object of Nora's tamest yet most maddening fantasies, and the one man she can't forget. He's young. He's wonderful. He's also thoroughbred royalty and she's in "his" world now. But Nora is no simpering Southern belle, and her dream of fitting into Wesley's world is perpetually at odds with her dear Søren's relentlessly seductive pull.

Two worlds of wealth and passion call to her and whichever one Nora chooses, it will be the hardest decision she will ever have to make... unless someone makes it for her....


I didn’t quite like this as much as the previous books but I still really enjoyed it. The read started off a bit slow but towards the end it ramps up and there are so many twists, turns and mysteries that are solved, it will leave your head spinning!

The connection between Kingsley and Soren is not what I expected. I felt so much for Kingsley, I was never a fan of him in the first two books, but he really shone in this book. Reading about the pair back in school was quite shocking in aspects and how it came to be that Marie-Lauren was married to Soren and the cause of her apparent death. Kingsley has so much love and desire for Soren, yet Soren will always only be wanting for Nora.

It was nice to see Nora and Wesley have some time together, though I don’t see it ending well for Wesley in the end. Nora will always deep down want to be with Soren, and that will lead to Wesley’s heartbreak which is such a shame. Then again maybe the author will pull one over on us all and find a way for Nora to end it for good with Soren and be with Wesley, who knows.

This book has a massive cliff-hanger! It actually left me breathless! Finding out who is out to destroy Nora, just wow, I did not see that coming at all. Now I have to suffer the torment of waiting for the next book, which I just know is going to be one hell of a read. Bring it on.
Rating: ««««


Braine TS said...

The cliffhanger is a killer! Cant wait for The Mistress!

Jet said...

It really is! When I finished reading the book; in my head I was just like 'nooooooooo' I am dying to know what happens next.

Diana Ramsey said...

I finally wrote my review for this. I should have it up tomorrow. I can't wait to post it. I loved this. This book really made me feel for Kingsley. That cliffhanger was insane. I was screaming especially given who was behind it all. It is crazy. I love it! Awesome review hon. Thank you so much :)