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Guest Post: Sloan Archer

Sloan Archer
Hello readers! Thanks for having me on Book Devotee Reviews, Jet, and I hope that you enjoy my feature…

Since publishing my first novel, Mercy’s Debt, I’ve been asked all sorts of wacky things- especially because the book is from the paranormal romance genre. I thought I’d do something a little different for my feature today, and go over three of the funnier questions that I’ve been asked by friends, family, and readers… 

#1 Wow! You write romance/erotica? How on Earth did you get into that- you must be a complete sex freak!
Not really! I sort of got into writing romance/erotica inadvertently. I spent the majority of my twenties on the road while working at my job in marketing. In order to keep things spicy with my then-boyfriend, I’d write saucy emails late at night from my hotel room. I be like, “Oh, yah, baby! I’m thinking of you right now, and I’m wearing nothing but black lace and a smile.” Meanwhile, I’d really be sitting in my bed, watching reruns of Friends, cramming fistfuls of Cheetos into my mouth, clipping my toenails, and wearing holey sweatpants.  Très sexy! Haha I thought, “Hey, I’m actually quite good at penning smut. Maybe I should do it for a living.” Haha.

#2 Do you base your sex scenes on your past experiences?
I seriously cannot tell you how many times I’ve been asked this! Of course, it’s men who always, always ask this first! I can just see their eyes light up, and hear their pervy minds clicking away, imagining just how wild I am in bed! To clear up any misconceptions, I definitely have not ever used any of my past experiences as fodder for my love scenes, just as author Stephen King has never axe-murdered anyone, and Amanda Hocking has never battled zombies. It’s fiction, people! That’s not to say that I wouldn’t mind having some ‘private time’ with the main man in Mercy’s Debt, Robert Bramson!


#2 Writing love scenes must be easy! All you have to do is think about sex, right?
Wrong! Out of all the “types” of scenes that I write- murder, comedy, dialogue- the love scenes are, hands down, the most difficult because of the technical aspect. You can’t leave out a ‘step of seduction,’ or else the whole scene won’t make any sense. Like, I’ll write something like, “He rubbed his hands over her smooth, firm breasts…” Then I’ll think, “Aw, damn! He never took her bra off!” lol Then, I’ll have to go back and revise.

Hope that has shed some light on the wild and turbulent life of a paranormal romance writer!
Thanks so much for having me on, Jet. If you’d like to read more about the foxy Robert Bramson, Mercy’s Debt is available online on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. 

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About the author:
Sloan Archer is a bona fide California native who works full-time as a writer, occasionally in the desert as an archaeologist, and has a ten-year employment history in marketing. She has been penning fiction since childhood; her first stories were spooky mysteries inspired by horror films and the howling coyotes on her family’s farm.
She is a seasoned world traveler whose journeys have taken her from Madagascar to Indonesia, and many countries in-between. In 2007 she founded a jewelry label, VIVI+VIVI, and received international recognition for her creations, her most coveted designs worn by celebrities and carried in trendy boutiques like Fred Segal in Los Angeles. In 2012, she closed her business to focus on her true love, writing.
When Sloan isn’t composing books, she enjoys traveling, running marathons, painting, reading, baking, and spending time at the beach. She is currently working on two novels: Mercy’s Doubt, the second installation of the Montgomery’s Vampires Series, and Lilac Coma.


Release Date: February 14, 2013
Category: Paranormal Romance Thriller;
light erotica elements, some explicit language,
contemporary, vampires
Series Name: Montgomery’s Vampires
Word Count: approximately 52,000 words

After graduating from the prestigious Dewhurst University, Mercy Montgomery finds herself in a bit of financial trouble: over $108,000 worth of financial trouble, in fact. She can’t find a job to
save her life, and with bill collectors constantly at her heels, she has no idea how she will ever come up with the money needed in order to keep her head above water.
Mercy’s monetary worries seem to be over after a chance meeting with mystifyingly pale Michael Graves, who offers her a high-paying job at his company, Dignitary. But there’s a catch; the seemingly harmless Dignitary is an underground organization that offers human chaperones to wealthy bloodsucking clients.
As if congregating with the undead doesn’t make life complicated enough for Mercy, there’s a savage killer on the loose who appears to have a craving for her blood. Soon Mercy is torn between a dark and dangerous underworld of supernatural desire and a simple life of practicality, and business magnate Robert Bramson is the man she blames for her confusion. If he just wasn’t so damn sexy… And dangerous. As the killer closes in, Mercy realizes that she must make a decision. But will she make her choice too late?


Diana Ramsey said...

Great interview. It made me laugh. I especially loved the first one. I could imagine how guys must react to you LOL! Those pervy minds must go a mile a minute LOL! Oh by the way, question 2 and 4 (3) are repeated. Just letting you know in case there was another question that was skipped or something. Awesome interview again guys, thank you so much :D

Jet said...

Thank-you for letting me know Diana, I didn't even realise it was repeated lol All fixed now.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting :)

Diana Ramsey said...

You are welcome hon. It happens, so I know how it is. Thank you and you are welcome again :D