Thursday, February 21, 2013

Mercy's Debt By Sloan Archer

Mercy's Debt (Montgomery's Vampires Series #1)

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Genre: Paranormal Romance


After graduating from the prestigious Dewhurst University, Mercy Montgomery finds herself in a bit of financial trouble: over $108,000 worth of financial trouble, in fact. She can’t find a job to save her life, and with bill collectors constantly at her heels, she has no idea how she will ever come up with the money needed in order to keep her head above water.

Mercy’s monetary worries seem to be over after a chance meeting with mystifyingly pale Michael Graves, who offers her a high-paying job at his company, Dignitary. But there’s a catch; the seemingly harmless Dignitary is an underground organization that offers human chaperones to wealthy bloodsucking clients.

As if congregating with the undead doesn’t make life complicated enough for Mercy, there’s a savage killer on the loose who appears to have a craving for her blood. Soon Mercy is torn between a dark and dangerous underworld of supernatural desire and a simple life of practicality, and business magnate Robert Bramson is the man she blames for her confusion. If he just wasn’t so damn sexy… And dangerous. As the killer closes in, Mercy realizes that she must make a decision. But will she make her choice too late?


A little up and down in parts but overall not a bad read, it wasn’t until Robert entered the picture that my interest peaked. The characters were intriguing and even though he wasn’t a main character, I liked Michael. I wish there had been more interaction with him; would have loved to see how Marlena would have reacted once she found out that he was still allowing Mercy to see Robert.

The interaction between Liz and Mercy was curious, the shower scene for example, until Robert came along I thought that they would end up being a couple. I liked how Mercy could stand on her own and she was a great female lead, she was easy to connect with.

In some parts it felt a little cliché with the vampire aspect but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the read. Towards the end it felt a bit rushed and everything seemed to happen all at once and was left open-ended with no real conclusion, I will be interested to see what happens in the next book. A good start to a series, I give the read three and a half stars.

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Diana Ramsey said...

This doesn't sound like too bad a read. Sorry about the cliches and the rushed ending. Those can be very annoying. But Michael and Robert sound like winners to me. I will check this out. Thank you for the awesome review hon :)