Saturday, February 2, 2013

Return To Sender By Annabeth Albert

Return to Sender

*Submitted for review by author*

Genre: Erotic Romace


Jack Donovan and Bree Hendricks have been in hot competition since their school days, whether it’s tussling over the best apartment or bickering over local leash laws. Bree has never turned down a challenge, so when her new toy in its brown paper packaging is delivered to Jack’s doorstep by mistake, it’s the perfect opportunity for a game of truth or dare.

Bree is determined to set a good example for her teenage daughter, and that means no flirting, no flings and definitely no one night stands. But a bout of saucy cybersex demonstrating her new dildo…there’s no danger in that. Unless Bree allows her heart to become involved.


A truly sexy little number. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from this read as I haven’t read anything from the author before, I was pleasantly surprised once I started reading to find how much I was enjoying it, not to mention the rather shocking opening line that drew me right in:

“The red dildo fell into Jack Donovan’s lap with a friendly little plop.”

Now that is something you don’t read every day! Plenty of steam and situations to keep you entertained, and I have never come across a read that used Skype in such an...Interesting, yet satisfying way. It is always great to find something new in a read.

The characters were really well done and their chemistry sizzled and the touch of Bree having a kid was nice, you don’t come across that very often in the more erotic romances like this and it added realism to the read. It did seem a little rushed at the end but still the book is definitely deserving of a solid 4 and a half stars.

Rating: ««««


Diana Ramsey said...

The moment I saw that cover, I started singing that Justin Timberlake song "D**k in a Box" LOL! I couldn't help it LOL! But given your review, it is definitely the perfect song for this. Oh my goodness, I love this. It sounds very sexy and very funny. That really isn't something you read everyday. I am definitely going to check this out. Thank you so much hon. This made my day.

Jet said...

Oh my gosh! That is the perfect song for this! hilarious! haha Sure put a smile on my face.

Hope you enjoy the read if you get around to reading it :)

Diana Ramsey said...

LOL! Isn't it? You should have added the video to your review, it would have tide in great. Now I have to watch it again LOL! I hope to get to it soon. I have so much to read LOL! Thank you again hon. What a fun discovery this is :)