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Safeword Quinacridone By Candace Blevins

Safeword Quinacridone (Safeword #6)

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Genre: Erotic Romance/BDSM


What happens when an introverted artist who only likes sex when it's a one-night stand meets a computer-geek-extraordinaire with his own sexy secrets? Objectification, romance, pain, adoration, lots of kinky toys, and oodles and oodles of wonderfully imaginative sex.

Join Cara and Travis on their journey to mesh their distinctive sexual tastes into a loving relationship with blow-your-mind kink.

1. Treating a person as an object for use, with no regard
for a person's personality or sentience.
2. Regarding someone as a commodity; considering them
merely an instrument towards one's sexual pleasure.

Safeword: Quinacridone is a stand-alone book. You do not need to have read the previous books in this series.

Warning: This title contains graphic language, consensual BDSM, extreme objectification, bondage, watersports (one scene), chemical play, fisting, temporary body modification with saline injections (one scene), and the use of toys including clamps, canes, plugs, paddles, whips, floggers, and zip-ties.


A read that is not for the light-hearted, if you are looking for a fluffy romance then this is not for you. There are plenty of BDSM scenes, some that are intense and mention of some BDSM that is quite disturbing. The writing and plot are very well done and the character progression was great. With a topic such as this you need to have the right amount of emotional depth and show the true love that the two main characters have for each other in order for it to work and not come across as something monstrous, this book had the right balance for me.

It was nice to see Travis open up to Cara and tell her his feelings and easing her into his desires slowly to help her adjust but also willing in indulge Cara’s fantasies, often addressing hers before his own. Travis was a rock for Cara, helping her to realise that there isn’t anything wrong with them and that it is okay to feel the way she does, to crave the objectification but also made her feel loved and safe.

There weren’t many scenes that I found too much for me, I do dabble in some of the grittier or dark erotica and some have disturbed me but this one was a middle ground for me, definitely not a light BDSM but no overly cringe worthy. I am curious to read more from Candace Blevins and I would recommend this read to those who enjoy true BDSM reads.

Rating: ««««

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