Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Secret Lives Of Emma: Beginnings By Natasha Walker

The Secret Lives of Emma: Beginnings (Book #1)

Genre: Erotic Fiction


Incredibly hot and sensual, this new erotic series starring an older and experienced female lead taps into our deepest romantic fantasies.

Thirty-something Emma Benson is a free spirit. For her a good life means a life of sensuality. So it's a surprise to everyone when she marries David, a successful businessman, and settles down in the suburbs. One year on, and she's trying so hard to be loyal to her man. Not easy to do when you're passionate and uninhibited.

But then, while sunbathing in her garden, her neighbour's eighteen-year-old son appears. And Emma has found her new project. She will be his perfect teacher.


 This book wasn’t exactly what I expected it to be and I was left feeling disappointment. It started off well enough but there wasn’t enough substance to keep me interested throughout the rest of the read. The plot was easy enough to follow but was quite bland and the characters didn’t have enough depth for my liking. I needed more emotion and more development from the characters.

I found Emma to be distasteful as main character; I didn’t find myself on her side or wanting a happy ending for her. Her games and using of Jason is leading him down a path of destructive behaviour and it isn’t looking like it is going to get any better, he is collateral damage for Emma all because of her trying to get back to her old self, which didn’t seem that flattering to begin with.

I like to keep an open mind when it comes to reads that may be a little controversial, but the read just didn’t cut it for me. I did purchase the second in the series at the same time as this one, hopefully it will be an improvement on this first book.

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Diana Ramsey said...

Good Lord! This Emma chick sound like Satan in a skirt. It just makes no sense. If that is the way you feel, what is the point of getting married. And even then, why not let your husband know this sort of stuff. He is a guy, chances are he would be into it. I am open minded as well. But man, I am not a fan of people who have no rhyme or reason to what they do, just do it to satisfy their own selfish needs and play games. Man, this will be a difficult read for sure. Great review hon. Thank you :)

Jet said...

You are right! Emma is very selfish and very much a game player. She should have just been open with her husband, though he doesn't turn out to be such a saint either in the next read. Reading such a negative bookis quite draining, it's like one big mess but you can't help but keep reading haha

Diana Ramsey said...

Oh man, she sounds just insanely awful. Why wasn't she open with her husband? And given what you said, it seems he would be if he is like her. This sounds so depressing LOL! Glad it at least keeps your attention. Thanks again :)