Monday, February 11, 2013

The Secret Lives Of Emma: Distractions By Natasha Walker

The Secret Lives of Emma :Distractions (Book #2)

Genre: Erotic Fiction


After a steamy affair with her young neighbour, Emma Benson flees to her friend Sally’s beach house to recharge her emotional batteries. Her marriage to David has been going through a testing time, but now she’s determined to be the wife he would like her to be.

If only it was that easy.

How do you tame a woman who’s brimming with uninhibited sensual desires, a woman for whom pleasure is the ultimate goal in life?

Sally’s beach house is the perfect place to relax and reconnect with a secret relationship Emma had thought had ended years before.

But then the arrival of David at the beach house reignites her fantasies – and offers her a temptation she can’t help acting upon.


I don’t know if it is the way it is written that is throwing me off with these books, but they still don’t meet up to my expectations however this one was slightly better than the first. I did find the storyline in some parts to drag but we did get more insight into the characters and somewhat deplorable that they are. It was nice to see Emma grow somewhat towards to end of the read, turning down Paul though David’s turn was shocking.

In the first book we didn’t get much of David or know much about him, but in this read we got introduced to him fully. Starting off me seemed to be so moral and upstanding, it made me dislike Emma so much for what she has been down behind his back but it all came tumbling down rather quickly and his true colours were shown. He and Emma are truly perfect for each other, each self-destructive and making bad choices.

I was sure that when this second installment was finished I wasn’t going to continue on with this series, but with such a cliff-hanger ending and all the lies and secrets stating to unravel, I am tempted to buy the next book. I am curious to know how this will all work out. I am torn was to whether to go a full three stars with this or a two and a half, so I will settle with a borderline three stars.

Rating: «««  


Diana Ramsey said...

Man this seems like a tough one. I hate reading books where the character is an ass for the sake of being as ass. That seems like the case here LOL! But it sounds like there were some shiny parts, so that is something and I do love/hate cliffhangers LOL! Awesome review hon. I will have to tread carefully with this one. Thanks hon :)

Jet said...

Definitly is the case here! haha Some of the things that happen just make you want to smack Emma over the head, she is just so frustrating and she creates the bad situations and encourages it, then complains when it happens lol Definitely a series I would not suggest to someone outright.

Diana Ramsey said...

Oh man that is scary. Emma sounds like she could make Bella Swan likable LOL! I am not sure about this series. I expect characters to have some kind of depth and want to learn from their experiences. But that doesn't seem the case here. Goodness, just talking about this is giving me a headache and haven't even read it yet LOL! Thanks again hon :)