Monday, March 4, 2013

Corporate Temptress By Stacey Kennedy

Corporate Temptress

*Submitted for review by author*

Genre: Erotic Short


Evan needs to finalize the details of an important merger. Problem is, the deal has come to a standstill because of the rival company’s drop-dead gorgeous CEO. Frustrated as he is with the woman, Evan can’t keep his mind off Brooke’s overt sexuality. He demands she sign the paperwork or the deal is dead. But Brooke has demands of her own. She’ll sign the contract…for one night of no-strings sex.

That’s a lusty merger Evan can’t possibly refuse.


Stacey Kennedy really knows how to turn up the heat! This may be an EC for men but it would be just as great a book for the ladies out there who are fans of the contemporary erotic genre. You get a lot for the “quickie” that it is, though I wish it had been a full-length read, to see what else the pair get up to.

I always like when the female lead takes control in a book, and Brooke certainly did that. She was upfront, brazen and willing to not just talk the talk, but walk the walk. Evan certainly lived up to his words as well, leaving Brooke in quite a state and showing her what he has to offer.

I think what a like most about the way Kennedy writes is her attention to detail, she isn’t afraid to get dirty and turn up the steam, to flaunt her character's sexual side. A great short little read, that I enjoyed from start to finish.

Rating: ««««


Wickedly Delicious said...

Great Review. Love her Frostbite series. One day I will try her Erotic novels.

Wickedly Delicious Book Blog

Jet said...

Thank-you. She is a great author, so I think if you love her Frostbite series, you will enjoy her erotic novels as well :)