Tuesday, March 26, 2013

His Desire, Her Surrender By Malia Mallory

His Desire, Her Surrender (Dominating BDSM Billionaires Erotic Romance #2)

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Genre: Erotic Romance/BDSM


When Marcus leaves Tabitha heartbroken in Hawaii, she doesn't suspect she'll ever see her new lover again. Back in New York, Marcus tracks her down, determined to pick up where they left off. He evokes a whirlwind of emotion and delivers physical satisfaction that leaves Tabitha craving more. But Marcus has enemies who threaten his company and perhaps even his life. Can Tabitha prove that she has what it takes to be both his partner and his submissive?


I didn’t care much for Marcus in this second installment. The way he reacted when he found out about her meeting with his sister; he couldn’t even give Tabitha the benefit of the doubt or hear her out; he jumped right to accusing her. After coming across as such a gentleman and caring guy in the first book, I was left a little disappointed in him.

I would have liked to see Marcus confront his father as well on how he handled things with Monica and for not sharing the information about who she was dating with him. The BDSM element is still at a fairly low level which is good for those new to the genre, but I would have liked to take a more prominent place in the book, but as Tabitha is only starting on her journey into the BDSM world with Marcus I can understand why the author hasn’t made it more of a feature yet, though towards the end it does get more of a spotlight.

Tabitha is a strong woman in herself and I kind of would have liked to see the roles reversed, as Marcus the submissive in the relationship and she the dominant, I think it would have worked better for me. I hope there is another installment coming for this pair, it would be interesting to see what life is like now for the pair now that Tabitha has fully accepted Marcus’s collar. A strong three and a half stars.

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