Saturday, June 8, 2013

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Question of the Week
"Fantasy to Reality: Do you like to read steamy romance books where the story line circles around a hot sexy couple + 1 (or more)? Or is Ménage à trois one person too many for you?"
I like a good multiples steamy romance when it is written well, which can apply to most reads really, after all it takes a lot of creativity to pull off a multiples steamy scene. I think one of the things that is most important in multiple reads is that all the characters personalities mesh well together and each stand out not just individually but as a whole.
The Buffalo Intimidators series by Cassandra Carr is one of my favourites.

If any of you fellow bloggers know any ménages or multiples that are worth mentioning, comment below! I am on the look-out for some new reads and they might be just the ticket. :) 

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