Saturday, November 16, 2013

Secret Scarlet By H.N. Sieverding

Secret Scarlet

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Genre: Paranormal Romance


After an audition for a modeling gig goes wrong, Scarlet finds herself doing something she’s ashamed of—something sinful and dark. She leads a double life as Lady Rose, dressing up and role-playing as a living doll for a man she knows only as Master Red. He is the gateway drug into a dangerous world of vampires. She's soon blinded by the mass of attention she gets from men who fall in love with her alter ego. But her rare beauty may be her downfall and trap her here, making this dark lifestyle permanent. It’s not long before vampires more dangerous than Master Red catch sight of the rare white rabbit and vow to make her their own.


This was a fast paced read that covered a lot of ground in terms of story and plot development which I found a little hard at times because I didn’t feel like I got enough information and that it was a little rushed. It is definitely one of the more original reads I have probably ever read, I have never come across vampire blood dolls before which made this quite interesting.

In terms of the characters, I didn’t find the two male leads appealing at all. Alex started off like a jerk and come across as super possessive and selfish, but towards the end I did end up liking him more-so then the Count. The Count is completely self-absorbed in my opinion; he wants nothing but to please himself and get what he wants regardless of others or of Scarlet.

I know that Scarlet claims to love the Count, but she has so much hesitation and goes to leave and is solid in her decision, then just goes running right back which didn’t sit well with me. Her lack of awareness for what she wants was frustrating and I just wanted her to give up on both the Count and Alex and just find someone else that wasn’t going to use her.

Overall this read was intriguing and it kept me interested from start to finish, though I did struggle to keep up at times with what was happening. I’d give this book a solid three and a half stars.

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