Thursday, December 12, 2013

Life Of A Blogger: TV shows

I saw this post created by blogger Jessi at Novel Heartbeat and knew I had to take part! I may be a book nerd but I am also a tv show junkie. There is one main favourite to which I am obsessed to the extent of collecting memorabilia, trading cards, companion books etc. and that show would be Supernatural.
Being in Australia means we are often behind in terms of the shows season progress so I often have to wait until it comes out to purchase, which is a challenge. My favourite character is Dean, though Castiel is a close second.
Some of my other favourites that have remained in my regular watching routine:
  • Smallville - I love superman and Tom Welling played the character so well! I will admit though, I always held a secret soft spot for Lex Luthor played by Michael Rosenbaum ;)
  • Angel
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer - I will admit I loved the episodes with Spike the most.
  • True Blood
  • Game of Thrones

I have also recently discovered Lost Girl which I have only been able to get hold of season one here at the moment which is a bit of a drag.
One of the series I grew up watching with my mum similarly with Buffy the Vampire Slayer, staying up late on school nights to watch is Dark Angel, I especially enjoyed the second season with the addition of the Joshua character.
So, what are some of the tv shows you enjoy? Create a post then head on over to Novel Heartbeat and link up :)


Kelly @ Dandelion Dreams said...

I was an avid Smallville watcher when it was on tv, although the last couple of seasons I slacked off on until recently when my dad bought them to finish his collection and we watched them all at once. I had the hugest crush on Tom Welling!

Jenna @ Rather Be Reading YA said...

I used to love Buffy too. I never watched Angel though. I didn't like the character or the actor much.

Jet said...

@Kelly- Tom Welling is a hunk of a man that's for sure. I felt like Smallville fell short the last season or two but I think it is definitely a must watch TV series.

@Jenna- I mostly enjoyed the Cordelia Chase character as part of the Angel series, but I think it is one of those you either love it or hate it TV shows.

Thank-you both for stopping by and commenting :)

Sheila (Bookjourney) said...

Great post! I am currently addicted to the back seasons of Walking Dead. Never seen that one coming...

Jet said...

@Sheila- I haven't seen Walking Dead yet, think I might have to go out and grab the first season on dvd and see how I like it :)

Thanks for visiting

Brianna C said...

Spike definitely was the best part of Buffy and Angel. I loved him! lol And I totally miss Dark Angel! I need to rewatch that...

Jet said...

Spike really was such a highlight of both the series lol I haven't come across many people who have seen Dark Angel, I think it has slipped through the cracks in terms of being a known tv show which is a shame.

Thanks a bunch for stopping by :)

Jessi (Geo) said...

Sadly I've never seen Supernatural, Angel, True Blood, or Game of Thrones. >.<
I did enjoy Smallville a lot when I was younger, though! I got into Lost Girl for a while, but never finished it. Thanks for participating :)

Jessi @ Novel Heartbeat