Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tour Review: Amazon Heat By Valerie Twombly

Amazon Heat (Demon Heat #1)

*Tour Review*

Genre: Erotic Paranormal Romance


When Katrina faces the death of her father, she is left with only one choice. Hire a local demon to help her retrieve a mythical healing stone from deep in the Amazon. However, when the two finally meet, sparks fly. The man is a walking sex god and when he offers to pleasure her in exchange for his services, she finds it hard to refuse.

Damis only intended to have a good time with the beautiful blonde who entered his office. Little did he know, the vixen was not only half demon, but his mate, as well. Can he resist the urge to bond with her? Or will his desire be his downfall?


If you are looking for a hit of steamy-ness, then this will be a book for you. If you don’t like m/f/m in your books, don’t be discouraged from picking this to read because there is only one scene and the rest of the hot scenes are just as steamy that you won’t want to miss out on.

There was only one small issue I had with the read, and that was the feeling that the plot itself was rushed through and worked around the steamy scenes. Don’t get me wrong, I love some heat in a read, especially when the scenes are well written but the background writing needs to be just as strong.

As for the characters, I found myself more interested in Brock than Damis though he did make quite an impression as the male lead. Katrina and Damis as a couple took things to a new level of hot, though I had my up and down moments with Katrina, I give her credit for having the strength to stand up for herself and get what she wanted.

Overall I’d give this read a solid three and a half stars. Though I have a feeling that if or when Brock gets his own book come, I will enjoy it more than I did this one so I am definitely looking forward to that day.

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