Sunday, February 16, 2014

Public Affairs By Cassandra Carr

Public Affairs

*Submitted for review by author*

Genre: Contemporary romance


Nate O'Halloran is a PR superstar, an expert in crisis management for his image-conscious celebrity clients. When his college roommate, now a hospital director in Buffalo, calls to beg for his help-- a cancer researcher on staff has disappeared with millions of dollars' worth of government research funds-- Nate agrees to help right away, though this situation is pretty small potatoes for him.

Val Chase, the hospital's PR director, is none too thrilled when Nate shows up; does it mean her boss doesn't trust her to handle this mess herself? Against her better judgment, Val decides she and Nate have to work together to save the hospital's reputation, though the explosive attraction they feel is making any actual "work" difficult...


It took a little bit for me to get into Public Affairs but once the tension between Val and Nate started it was hard to stop reading, the heat between them was electric. Through-out the read you get lots of story to follow which keeps you entertained and interested whenever Val and Nate aren’t steaming things up which is a tell-tale sign of a well written book.

It was a shame with what happened to Doug, he was working as hard as he could to fix everything but he took the fall for something that he had no hand in, though it did make way for more Val and Nate shenanigans so it wasn’t all bad. I liked how Nate and Val challenged each other in a way to find a solution and clean up the mess the hospital was in, it took the dialog to another level, it wasn’t just cheesy romance lines and innuendo in every conversation between them.

Even though I was reading a book, it felt like I was watching a movie with how well everything flowed and how descriptive the writing was that it allowed me to truly imagine every aspect of the read. If you like books that are original, well written and with characters you can’t help but love, then this would be one to add to your to-read list.


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