Thursday, March 13, 2014

Small Fry By K.R. Smith

Small Fry Part One

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Genre: Paranormal Romance


B has finally achieved her hearts desire in the form of her pregnancy. Since Declan swore he wouldn’t create any more European Werewolves like himself; at first B’s condition hits him with horror. Then with his beloved mate’s determination to have the baby, he reluctantly participates in fatherhood. However, he’s not the only one who’s concerned over what genetic traits will emerge in their child; but the pack of Lokoti Werewolves are also on guard.

When B and Declan start their family, they inadvertently start something else… further battles with the separate species of Vampires. The ‘fang heads’ who prey on humans, relish drinking the regenerative blood of Werewolves. So when they learn of their reproduction, Alaska’s river system turns red, as natural and supernatural blood is spilt whilst the eons old war of the predators’ rages.


I will start off by saying that I was really disappointed with Declan in terms of how he reacted when he found out B was pregnant. He was going so well with being a good guy and then he took a turn back to his old jerky, pig-headed ways, though he did redeem himself with how he was after his daughter was born and how he acted as a father.

I did find that this read had the tendency to drag on a bit and I didn’t think that some parts were vital to the story and could have been shortened, but I quite enjoyed reading about how far Declan and B have come as a couple and their daughter Lucia.

If you haven’t read any of the previous books about Bianca and Declan then I would suggest reading them prior to this to understand the other characters and their backgrounds in order to keep up with what is happening as it has such a busy plot. Over all, I enjoyed the previous stories of the couple better than I did this one but it was still a good read and I look forward to reading part two. I’d give this book three and a half stars bordering on four stars.

Rating: ««« 1/2

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