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Scorin' On The Fourth Of July By Cassandra Carr

Scorin' on the Fourth of July

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Genre: Contemporary Novella


After Mikael signs a free agent contract with the Buffalo Storm professional hockey team, he finds himself agreeing to a part of a charity hockey tournament taking place over the Fourth of July weekend. While there, he meets Terri, the goaltender who recently backstopped the US women’s hockey team to a gold medal. He’s instantly enamored, both by her skill and her beauty, and sets out to learn more about her.

While Mikael has a brand-new life in Buffalo, Terri fears that to be able to continue playing her beloved hockey she’ll have to leave the area, possibly going far away if that’s what it takes to find a professional team willing to take a chance on a female goaltender. She likes Mikael, but fears becoming involved and then having to leave him.

Both Mikael and Terri are facing turning points in their career and must decide if love is worth it or if they’ll leave their passion on the ice.


The element I liked most out of this short little read was Terri and her being part of a hockey team, you see plenty of books revolving around the lead male being part of a hockey team but I don’t believe I have ever come across a read where the lead female was also involved in playing hockey before this one, it was a nice touch.

I would have liked for it to be longer so we could have seen the relationship between Mikael and Terri progress a little further; though when a short read is this well written you can only expect to be left wanting more.

There wasn’t a lot of heat in this read compared to some of Cassandra Carr’s other works, so if you are looking for a nice romance read without too much detail of a sexual nature then this would be an ideal read for you.

Overall this read was entertaining and easily consumed in one sitting which is perfect for an afternoon when you aren’t in the mood for anything too full-on. It ticked all the boxes in what I look for in a short read and in characters. I’d give this a rating of three and a half stars.

Rating: «««1/2

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