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Feature: The Story of Control By Adrianna Taylor

 The Real Truth about BDSM…

Written by British Dominatrix, Adrianna Taylor, The Story of Controlwill stimulate the reader’s most private inner fantasies as it reveals the secret, steamy world of BDSM.
The book fuses the author’s experiences as professional Dominatrix with her compelling life story; showing that the sweet-looking girl next door may actually lead a very different life, and be spanking bare bottoms behind closed doors in the house next door to you.
A must read for everyone who wants to expand their horizons.
About the author
Adrianna Taylor is a professional Dominatrix, known as Mistress Hallie Brookes. She has been a Dominatrix for 3 years, seeing clients regularly. She is 26, an attractive blonde, and a former fetish/glamour model. She is very bright, articulate, and a woman to be reckoned with. She lives in an ordinary, semi-detached house, in an ordinary housing estate in a medium-sized English town. However her life is far from ordinary. It is hard to believe this sweet, shy woman has a secret that she keeps from the outside world. In her secret life, Adrianna is known as Mistress Hallie Brookes, a formidable Dominatrix who likes to wield the cane on the bottoms of men.
The Story of Control is the first book in the story of Adrianna’s real-life experiences, mixed in with her life story. It is hard for most people to believe that this kind of thing could easily be going on in their neighbour’s house. Behind closed curtains. Of course, names are changed, and describing characteristics mixed up, to protect Adrianna’s clients’ privacy. Many people will find it hard to believe that this girl-next-door lookalike could be doing such outrageous things on a daily basis, quite possibly next door to where you live. And, proving that Adrianna is an ordinary person like you or me, the book is mixed with insights into the ordinary reality of her life when she is not being a Dominatrix.
BDSM is now a very popular topic thanks to a few well-known fictional novels. But The Story of Control is about factual real-life experiences in the world of BDSM, and the story of a young woman (who happens to be a Dominatrix) making her way through life - her loves and relationships. The Story of Control will appeal to both women and men, empowering both sexes to do (maybe) what they've always secretly wanted to do.
“This book is incredibly diverse, giving readers everything from blood-rushing depictions of my experiences through to the more poignant aspects of my personal story,” says Adrianna Taylor. “It also examines the changing role of women. For example, there have been Dominatrixes operating for centuries, but only now is society ready for one of them to come out of the woodwork and release a book. ’50 Shades of Grey’ has caught the public imagination, but it’s a work of fiction. This is the real deal.”
Taylor continues, “Readers will get to learn about a shadowy world that has always existed, but is often swept under the rug. I’ve literally seen and done it all – now you too can read about my very varied experiences.”
Extracts from a professional critique dated 12th May 2014:
“ proved totally absorbing.”
I started reading it with the intention of merely reading the Prologue and Chapter One to get a 'feel' for the content but found myself so completely absorbed in it…. that I continued reading and read it from beginning to end in two sittings….”
“ is a very sophisticated book of its type, carefully avoiding base and crude language and behaviour which elevates it above other books falling within the same genre.”
“…the reader feels privileged to have been led by the hand through this unusual world by someone as intelligent, self-aware and with such an absorbing personality as the author.”
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