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The Saint By Tiffany Reisz

The Saint (The Original Sinners: The White Years #1 )

Genre: BDSM, Erotica


In the beginning, there was him.

Gutsy, green-eyed Eleanor never met a rule she didn't want to break. She's sick of her mother's zealotry and the confines of Catholic school, and declares she'll never go to church again. But her first glimpse of beautiful, magnetic

Father Søren Stearns and his lust-worthy Italian motorcycle is an epiphany. Suddenly, daily Mass seems like a reward, and her punishment is the ache she feels when they're apart. He is intelligent and insightful and he seems to know her intimately at her very core. Eleanor is consumed—and even she knows that can't be right.

But when one desperate mistake nearly costs Eleanor everything, it is Søren who steps in to save her. She vows to repay him with complete obedience…and a whole world opens before her as he reveals to her his deepest secrets.

Danger can be managed—pain, welcomed. Everything is about to begin.


This series of books are like nothing else I have come across and they always bring me back from a reading slump, which I have found myself in for the last year. I am so glad that the series didn’t end with just The Original Sinners books, getting to read the backstory of how it all came to pass is mind-blowing. 

I devoured this first instalment of The White Years in one sitting, it reminded me of how much I loved reading about Nora and how thankful I am that I picked up the second book when I did this one but also regretting not ordering the next two, waiting two to three weeks for those to come to my door is going to be painful.

Kingsley and Soren… How could you not love them? I have had some ups and downs with Soren as a character, especially at the start of the series but when you see how far he has come and the bond Nora and he share and how it came to be it really makes him impossible to dislike. Soren becomes a real stand-out that you can’t help but feel for, he helped Nora to reach her potential and overcome the obstacles that could have so easily destroyed her.

If you haven’t picked up this series yet you are missing out. I would recommend starting with The Original Sinners before picking up The White Years so you can get the full effect of the story and character development. A five star read without a doubt.

Rating: «««««

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My Top 5 List of Adult Must Read Series/Books

In no particular order, this is my list of top 5 adult books or series for those out there who love to read.

1. Black Dagger Brotherhood Series by J.R. Ward

These books will always come in number one for me. After reading the first book and loving it, I went and bought the rest of the series in bulk and devoured them all in no time.  A series that must have a place on your bookshelf.
Check them out on Goodreads!
2. Anita Blake Series by Laurell K Hamilton

This series is one that hooked me from the start, though it does have some flaws. There are some side novellas and short stories, I personally didn't bother with them, they weren't critical to the main storyline and the series does get a bit iffy in the later books but the series as a whole is still worth the time no question.
Check them out on Goodreads!

3. Sinners on Tour Series by Olivia Cunning

Something different from my usual reads, these books blew my mind and turned me from an only "supernatural" element of book reading to more contemporary.  The characters are wonderful, the supporting characters are fantastic and every story has its own unique plot.
Check them out on Goodreads!

4. Georgina Kincaid Series by Richelle Mead

A series that I originally didn't think I was going to enjoy so much. If you are looking for books with a bad-ass female lead then this series is for you.
Check them out on Goodreads!
5. Dark Hunter Series by Sherrilyn Kenyon

One name makes this series for me... Acheron.
Check them out on Goodreads!

-Honourable mentions-

Night Huntress Series by Jeaniene Frost
Sookie Stackhouse Series by Charlaine Harris
Shifters Series by Rachel Vincent

What are some of your favourites? Leave me a comment :)

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Promo: Quirks and Kinks By Laurel Ulen Curtis

Quirks and Kinks
Laurel Ulen Curtis

  Releasing: June 23rd, 2015

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Quirks and Kinks by @LUCurtisAuthor is out now! @rockstarlitprlc


“It’s a new show, Quirks and Kinks. We’ve already selected a male reenactment actor to be your co-host, so you're the last piece of the puzzle. There’s some seriously f@$%ed up sh*t out there that people are into, and the two of you are going to be the face of it.”
“I’m going to be the face of people’s freakish fetishes?” I asked disbelievingly.
Larry shrugged his nonchalance, shoving it directly down the throat of my panic. “Half of it.”
That conversation was the beginning of more than a show.
It was the beginning of mystery, friendship, and love, and the outcome of mixing all three together with two unsuspecting victims.
Easie Reynolds and Anderson Evans were drawn to the same, simple thing—each other.
But, sometimes, undeniable chemistry isn’t enough. After all, how easy is it to get know someone when they’re constantly pretending to be someone else?


“I’m still not even sure what we’re doing here,” I told Ashley as I glanced around at the cheap Tex Mex themed decor of El Loco Restaurant.
All around us, business-suit-clad, young singles chatted and laughed, sinking deeper into their margaritas and each other. A life untraveled stared me in the face, but it didn’t make me feel bitter or regretful. All I felt was stupid for being out and spending money that we didn’t have.
“You just landed a job,” she cooed before sipping delicately from the free water.
Giving her my undivided attention, I narrowed my cat-like blue eyes.
“Granted, it’s not a job you’re exactly thrilled about, but it comes with money, and that’s worth celebrating a little.”
“Pff,” I huffed. “So far, all it’s come with is a bag of muffin mix and humiliation.” Exaggeratedly, I checked my purse. “Nope, no money.”
Ashley just shook her head. “We’re eating one dollar tacos. Peanut butter and bread are more expensive. Relax.”
My fingers itched for a cigarette, and astute twenty-three year old lady that she was, Ashley didn’t miss it.
“Besides, if we’re going to get on the money discussion you’re going to have to take a closer look at some of your other expensive habits.”
Ashley had been trying to talk me into quitting for years, and I knew my lungs would thank me if I somehow managed to follow through. But for as desirable as it sounded, I just…couldn’t. It wasn’t so much the addiction and the work it would take to kick a years-in-the-making habit. It was that smoking had become my emotional crutch. My timeout in any moment of need and my excuse to busy myself with something other than being a bitch. I was scared of the chasm I’d fall into, the unclimbable hill I’d create with my auger-like anxiety.
My sister didn’t know any of that. No one did.
“I smoke for my career.”
Her eyes practically rolled all the way out of her head. “This ought to be good.”
“You know this industry is unbelievably vapid, and vapid means skinny. Smoking keeps me that way.”
She shook her head in disdain.
“And it’s cheaper than a gym membership.”
“Global warming, anyone?” she called dramatically. “You’re argument is balancing on some pretty thin ice.”
“Shut up.”
Suddenly, warmth wafted up into my face as our waiter shoved the toasty basket of complimentary chips into the center of our table. My eyes drifted naturally from the basket to the hand holding it, where a large, oval, heavy metal ring sat in blazing contrast to the tan expanse of his long ring finger, up the line of his muscular—deliciously veiny—forearm, to the cuff of his rolled up black sleeve. On a runaway mission of their own, my eyes wouldn’t stop, eating up the expanse of his bicep in an instant, stutter-stepping up the corded column of his slender throat, and landing on one of the most attractive male mugs I’ve ever seen.
A mixing bowl of ethnicity, his naturally tanned skin and dark features stood in stark contrast with the minty green of his eyes. Directly on me and smirking, they were mesmerizing.
And mocking.
Ashley spoke, as I’d apparently lost all of my normal snarky ability.“Thanks.”
A small glance from me to her preceded his polite answer. “You’re welcome.”
She smiled her prettiest smile, the one that infused her entire being from chest to eyes, and the corner of his mouth notched higher in response.
A foreign heaviness settled in my chest as I watched, and its completely unwelcome presence nearly made me sick.
He turned to leave slowly, one last lingering look in my direction making my nerves ratchet up to an eleven.
Fuck. I did not like to be rattled. Confident words were my modus operandi, but a good earthquake could wreck even the strongest of routines. My table at El Loco, tonight—this guy—was the epicenter.
The man in question had just earned himself automatic placement on my shit list.
Straight, white, top teeth just barely teased the plump pillow of his bottom lip. It was unintentional, completely innocent, and hot as Jesus’ sauna.
Shit list position confirmed.
“You’re, like, really attractive,” Ashley noted, evidently drunk on her water and speaking via a direct link to my brain.
His chuckle was like a full body vibrator, skating through the nerves on every inch of my skin. One long-fingered hand shot straight to his neck, rubbing the uneasiness of Ashley’s compliment out quickly.“Thanks.”
“Are you an actor?” she continued. “You’ve got to be, right?”
LA. Every attractive person you meet must be in the business.
I would have laughed at Ashley’s assumption and how ridiculous it was if I hadn’t been thinking the same thing.
He looked slightly bashful, but fought straight through the discomfort and answered her frankly. “Uh, yeah. I mean, I’m trying anyway. I’m not particularly successful.”
Distracted by my reaction to him and his honesty, I didn’t run a pre-check on anything coming out of my mouth. Not that I normally had the best filter. “So you’re another one of those actors, waiting tables to pay the bills and pass the time?”
He bristled, and rightfully so. But he did it with an otherworldly calm, meeting my eyes directly and speaking in a soft, polite—if only slightly teasing—voice.
“One of those? Oh. No. Waiting tables is my dream. I just act to fit in.”
My cheeks felt hot with embarrassment and shame, and the glint in his eyes told me that he saw it.
Sometimes I hated that my default setting was bitch. Such a dominant trait was hard to overturn.
“Okay, so maybe that was a little rude.”
One corner of his mouth—the smug one—rose just slightly. “It’s a distinct possibility.”
Silence hung between us, but while my time was spent avoiding eye contact, his was spent calculating his next blow.
“I guess you must be something really impressive then?”
“Huh?” My wandering eyes shot to his with the focus of a heat-seeking missile.
“Well, you obviously aren’t on the waiting tables slash acting track that the rest of us losers are.”
“I mean, you must do something that really matters, right? Educating orphaned kids. Curing Cancer. Coming up with the way to end all of the world’s unrest.” Attractive arms crossed over an equally nice chest. “Am I right?”
For as confident as I usually was, and as many comebacks as I normally had, I couldn’t think of one single thing to say.
Unfortunately, my sister wasn’t suffering from a similar problem.
“Hah! She’s an actor too. But she’s too busy to wait tables.”
“Working?” he asked, one manly eyebrow cocking in time with his question. If I wasn’t mistaken, he actually looked impressed for a minute.
I was ready to leave right then, but Ashley, being the one of us with a conscience, had a knack for ruining a good thing.
“Oh. No. She’s just too busy being her. You know, cutting people like you down in her spare time.” She looked away, bopped to the music in the background. “But, she doesn’t do it on purpose. She was born this way. Cold, dead heart and all. I guess that’s why people like me still love her.”
I tried not to let her words hurt. After all, if I were describing myself, I probably would have chosen the exact same words, and because I knew her so well, I knew she was just trying to make a joke and bail me out of a situation of my own making.
And yet, I still couldn’t stop the smile from slipping and sliding its way off of my face.
It only took a few seconds to recover, but when I looked back up at the waiter, he was looking at me differently. Assessing.
Uncomfortable was too cushy a word for what I was feeling. Bombs exploded and sprayed shrapnel, the sharp edges of his scrutiny digging into the flesh of my muscle and making it twitch just beneath the not-protective-enough layer of my skin.
About Laurel Ulen Curtis
Laurel Ulen Curtis is a 27 year old mother of one. She lives with her husband and son (and cat and two fish!) in New Jersey, but grew up all over the United States. She graduated from Rutgers University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in Meteorology, and puts that to almost no use other than forecasting for her friends! She has a passion for her family, laughing, and reading and writing Romance novels.

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Cover Reveal: Angel Lover By Tricia Skinner

There's no danger greater than falling for your enemy…Angel_Lover_500
Publication date: June 30th


Series Name: The Angel Assassins #2
Publisher: Entangled Publishing
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy Romance

Book Cover Blurb

The Nephilim are bound. Their powers cursed. But half-angel Kasdeja will do anything to free them from Heaven's tyranny. When Kas is approached by a striking, mysterious woman, she tells him his greatest enemies hold the key to his freedom.

Mariel keeps herself shrouded in secrets, using them to hide her true self. For she is not just employed by the Renegades--enemy fallen angels—she is a double agent, working on the sly for Heaven. Her directive is to seduce the gorgeous Nephilim—despite her insecurity about such sensual acts.

For Mariel is playing a dangerous game, and falling for Kas could only cause trouble; her assignment isn't just seduction. It's destruction.


  He traced his fingers under her tank top and made small circles against her back. A soft sound escaped her lips, then she relaxed. “Mariel.”

He barely recognized his lust-blown voice. She answered by renewing their passionate kiss, full and open and bone melting. She kissed him thoroughly, drawing the oxygen from his lungs as she twisted her fingers into his long hair. Kas lowered her on the comforter with care, never breaking their kiss. He eased back, and with his gaze on hers, he pulled his shirt over his head and dropped it. Mariel’s gaze made several passes over his body. What did she feel for him? Admiration? Uncertainty? He’d never hurt her. No one would ever hurt her again, not if they expected to live. Then Mariel’s gaze fell away. “You are...beautiful.” Her shoulders drooped, and she pulled back. “You don’t believe you are.” She didn’t reply, except for the stubborn jut of her chin. Kas smoothed his thumb over her cheek then gently raised her head. She wouldn’t look at him. He wouldn’t allow her to withdraw from him, from them. He touched her shirt at the waist, and her hands clamped over his, her eyes wet. Her fearful expression tore him apart. “Trust me as I trust you,” he said gently.

Kas waited until her grip loosened, and her hands fell to the side. He infused a smile with warmth and then eased the material up in torturous increments. Time she could use to stop him. Her flat stomach and tight abs were revealed. He smothered his reaction, afraid Mariel would mistake a groan for disapproval. Smooth, golden skin fed his hunger an appetizer. “You have control,” he told her. “If you tell me to stop, I’ll stop.” Mariel peeked through her lashes and nodded. He lifted the shirt higher, stared at her breasts, and bit back another sound. God of All, they made him salivate, but he tapped more of his self-control. Finally, the shirt was over her head and joined his on the floor. Mariel’s arms stayed locked at her sides like a soldier at attention. Kas moved around her and climbed onto the bed next to her. “Lie on your side, facing me.”

“I do not know,” she said, whisper light. Again his chest felt as if it had crushed inward. No woman should be made to believe she was ugly. None should feel shame about her body. He wanted to beat bloody any man who’d ever looked at her wrong. Mariel expelled a long breath as if she’d resolved herself to do what he’d asked. She stretched out alongside him, chest to chest, her right arm pillowing her head. He leaned over and planted a soft kiss on her cheek and lips. “Touch me.”  



Tricia Skinner

Tricia Skinner is an author of passionate dark fantasy. She is a features writer for Fresh Fiction and a project manager for Short Fuse. She began her writing career as a business reporter and wrote for The Detroit News, Investor’s Business Daily, MSN, and The Houston Chronicle. Raised in Detroit, Tricia graduated with a BA degree from the nationally acclaimed Journalism Institute for Media Diversity at Wayne State University. She earned a Masters of Liberal Studies – Creative Writing degree from Southern Methodist University and will obtain a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill University in 2017. Diversity in genre fiction is dear to Tricia’s heart. She is represented by Laurie McLean, co-founder of Fuse Literary Agency.
When not writing, Tricia can be found reading, lifting weights, or geeking out over games, movies, and music. She has a Tom Hiddleston obsession, and she is Team Vader. Her family includes three Great Danes (so far).).

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In The Moment (Part 1-5) by Rachael Orman

 In The Moment By Rachael Orman (Part 1-5)

*Submitted by author for review*

Genre: Erotic Romance


Alicia knows Ace as the hard, tattooed biker who frequents the bar she works at. So when she finds him locked in a compromising position with another man, she is shocked to discover he’s not who she thought he was.

Brushing off all Ace’s behavior has become second nature, until he makes advances toward her. Alicia gives in, not knowing where her desires will take her.


This series of book instalments had a bit of a Lauren Dane flavour to it but more of a straight forward, no fuss version. I think this would appeal to most erotic romance book lovers who like some heat and some m/m/f but with nothing too crazy.

I didn’t much care for the Ace character through much of the read, I think I needed to see more of his vulnerable side, though there were some moments, just needed a bit more to balance out the confident attitude.  I found Alicia’s character to be a bit lukewarm, I connected with the character and enjoyed her at the start but by the middle of the read she didn’t jump out at me.

Adam was my favourite character out of them all, which is a bit of a new one for me as I am usually all for the female lead but she was outshone by Adam. He had the perfect balance in character personality, he had an aggressive side, a vulnerable side and he was just perfect.

There was plenty of steam which had purpose and wasn't out of place though I do feel like it was a little fast paced, a slower progression throughout the plot and perhaps some more detail in the emotional growth of the characters would have been nice but it didn’t keep the read from being enjoyable.  I’d give this read three and a half stars.

Rating: «««1/2

Amazon US :
Amazon UK :
Amazon US :
Amazon UK :


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Guest Post: Surrender To The Chase By Amanda J. Greene

 Surrender to the Chase (Under Realm Assassins #2)

A year after the tragic death of his close friend and fellow assassin, Ethan Halstead is ready to take up his sniper rifle once more. But his first assignment is nothing he ever expected. Ethan must hunt and retrieve a beautiful, spirited, alluring werewolf.
Knowing no other way to escape an arranged marriage, Fraya flees from her pack. As she contemplates slipping across the border and heading to South America, she is captured by a dangerously seductive vampire who plans on escorting her back to her family. Even as Fraya vows to make Ethan’s mission as difficult as possible, she can’t resist the riotous desire he sparks within her.
But Ethan isn’t the only predator that peruses Fraya. A powerful rival pack’s alpha wants to make her his mate. Will Ethan be able to keep Fraya safe and return her to her pack? Or will he surrender to temptation and claim Fraya as his own?
~ Novella ~
Chapter One

Lightning splintered the sky. Thunder shook the earth beneath his feet. Damp heat thickened the air. Any moment the winds would kick up and the red hued clouds would release a torrent of rain.
Ethan loved summer storms and treasured Arizona for its monsoon season. It was only during the madness of the storm that he found peace. In those rare, precious moments, the world reflected the chaos that roiled inside him and he felt…as if he belonged.
Closing his eyes, he took in a deep breath and savored the soothing scent of the dessert. To his disappointment, he would not be able to appreciate the beauty of nature’s fury. Clearing his mind, Ethan unleashed his senses. His mark was close. He could feel her. Crossing the street, he headed for the quaint coffee shop he frequently sped past. She was here, which meant he could call an end to this pointless job.
Ethan was an assassin, not a damn babysitter. He was an expert tracker and sniper, yet the Under Realm Syndicate had him chasing after a spoiled little she-wolf. He had been tasked with fetching the runaway and returning her to her pack – a complete waste of his time and talents. He couldn’t believe he had let Cole talk him into this. The fact was, this case should’ve never made the list. Why the Syndicate decided to get involved was beyond his understanding. This wasn’t a kidnapping or a hostage situation. The female wasn’t a criminal. She wasn’t a threat to the human world or Under Realm society.
His annoyed growled blended with the booming thunder. Cole had insisted Ethan accept this assignment, “You should be grateful the Syndicate is willing to give you a second chance. You’ve been out of practice.”
Who could argue with that logic? Ethan had been off the map for a year. Most within the Syndicate believed he had been killed on his last mission.
I should have been. Shaking his head, he dispelled the thought. He refused to take sober trips down memory lane. He needed to focus on his task.
The aroma of freshly ground coffee was overwhelming. Ethan reigned in his supernatural senses as he stepped inside the shop. The door closed and the torrential rain began to fall. He did a quick, nonchalant sweep of the café with his eyes, careful not to meet anyone’s gaze. Eye contact encouraged conversation and he was here on business not pleasure. He would grab the werewolf, take her back to his home and detain her until he could make arrangements with her father. Simple.
Ethan walked to the counter. After the blonde and brunette baristas finished arguing over who would help him, he order and received a black coffee. The cup had both girl’s names and numbers written on it. He thanked them with a smile. They batted their lashes and insisted he stop by a college party later that night.
Ethan’s shoulders shook with a light laugh. Naïve mortals.
Turning, he headed up the winding iron staircase that led to the second floor loft area. The walls were made nearly entirely of glass, providing a glorious view of the storm. Students sat at the tables working on their laptops while groups lounged on the sofas discussing the world of social media.
The delicate scent of wildflowers drifted through the air drawing his sharp gaze to the far corner. There was nothing remarkable about her presence. She appeared to fit in perfectly with the scene, as if she were just another co-ed. She wore a pair of skinny jeans and a crimson sweatshirt. She sat with her feet tucked under her Indian style. Leaning over the table, her long dark brown hair tumbled forward, blocking her face from his view. Ethan noted the worn, tattered condition of the book she read. Her frame was small. She seemed fragile, but he knew better. She was strong, fast, and intelligent. His mark appeared to be ‘normal’ by human standards, but she was the wolf he was looking for.
Hoping everything would go smoothly, he advance. This was a delicate situation. The female could freak out on him. She could cause a scene and he loathed drama just as much as he loathed this particular job. It was not a search and rescue mission. No, it was a track-down-a-spoiled-brat-and-bring-her-home mission. A simpleton could do it. Why it had to be done was beyond him. She was an adult at twenty-four. She had a degree in biology and, as a werewolf, she was more than capable of taking care of herself.
Who cares? Grab the girl and go.
Ethan quickly reminded himself of the two basic rules: never become personally involved with your mark and strike first, ask questions later – if you cared about asking question at all.
As he approached the woman he felt a slight tremor in the air. A warning? A threat? Someone was watching them. He set loose his senses once more, scanning the café for the source of the violent energy, but it had vanished just as quickly as it had come.
The girl must have felt the glimmer of danger. Her gaze snapped up and met his. Her warm, honey colored eyes were round with surprise. Her tempting red lips parted with a silent gasp. Ethan froze. She was…more than beautiful.
She blinked up at him. Her gaze innocently seductive, her mouth violently tempting, and her wild flower scent was overwhelming. His body reacted instantly. It had been years since he felt such a strong, instant attraction.
He watched her lick her lips, lust shot through him like a lightning strike. Oh, yes. The wolf was alluring and, to his surprise, he was disappointed she was his mark.
“Hi,” she said with a nervous lilt to her voice.
Ethan shook himself mentally and crossed over to the chair opposite her. “Hi,” he replied.
Thunder rumbled, the force shook the glass walls. The girl flinched and her gaze fell from his. For a soundless moment, she sat with her hands clasped in her lap, her head tilted down. The mortals gasped and laughed as another boom shook the windows.
“You may sit,” she said, her voice low, barely audible.
 Ethan could smell the fear that sparked within her. Was she frightened of the storm or what possibly lurked outside? An overwhelming sense of protectiveness settled over him and he frowned. He didn’t like it. He wasn’t the protective type. He was a killer not a savior.
Focus and get this over with.
“Not a fan of thunderstorms?” he asked as he claimed the chair.
She straightened and fixed her gaze on him once more. Her expression was bland, her cute stubborn chin titled up, her shoulders back. She looked regal and refined. Every bit the aristocrat she was.
“I’m accustom to snow storms.”
“Really? Where are you from?”
“Minnesota,” she answered with a hint of hesitation.
He smiled and was shocked he didn’t have to fake it. “You’re a long way from home.”
She shrugged and returned her attention to her book.
Ethan took a sip of the surprisingly good coffee and relaxed back in his seat. He took up a golf magazine, which rested on the table beside them, and began flipping through the pages. He wasn’t at all interested in golf. Being a vampire, he preferred keeping out of the sun. Although, contrary to popular lore, he wouldn’t burst into flame or turn to ash. He could work on his tan, he just preferred not to.
He casually glanced over at the werewolf and inwardly groaned. She was reading a list of the top ten hot-spots in Chile. It appeared she was interested in sunbathing and he couldn’t stop the image of her in a bikini from cropping up in his mind even if he had wanted to. Which he certainly did not.
She sighed, closed the book, and tucked it away in her back pack, which hung off the back of her chair. She took up her latte and settled her gaze on him. Her lips turned up with a sweet smile.
“You don’t strike me as the golfing type.”
He raised a brow and tossed the magazine down on the table between them. “No?”
She shook her head, her long dark curls waving around her shoulders. “Not at all. You look like you’d rather go to a shooting range than work on your golf swing.”
Ethan couldn’t argue with that. He’d had his basement converted into an indoor gun range.
“Very observant,” he said. “What about you? What’s your hobby?”
She bit her bottom lip as she contemplated. Ethan wanted to bite it for her. “Traveling. It’s something I’ve always wanted to do. You know, see the world. Experience different cultures.”
“Is that what your trip to Arizona is all about?” he asked.
“More or less,” she answered with a shrug.
“Well, South America is beautiful.”
Her eyes grew wide. She leaned forward, placing her hands on the table.  Excitement laced her voice, “You’ve been?”
Ethan shifted closer and reached for her hand. The air trembled with another flicker of danger just before the lights went out. Darkness flooded the café.
His mark shoved away from the table, snatched her back pack and darted towards the stairs. Ethan was right behind her. The mortals grumbled complaints, some laughed, while others stumbled through the dark.
She was about to reach the exit when the door flew open, crashing against the wall. Humans screamed and shouted in alarm. The girl froze and Ethan cursed. Clearly, he hadn’t been the only one searching for her. He could sense the alpha’s presence and, judging by his target’s reaction, so could she.
Ethan grabbed her wrist. She swung around. Her fist raised, her honey colored eyes glowed, and her fangs bared. Shadows of a wolf’s fierce visage flickered over the fine features of her face. Her fierce growl vibrated her entire body. Ethan ignored the warning and tugged on her arm, pulling her towards the emergency exit at the back of the coffee shop.
He pushed the door open. His mark tried to twist free of his hold, but he held her firm.
“Let go of me,” she demanded, her voice roughened by her partial transformation.
“Not a chance, sweetheart.”
She growled and fought harder. He wasn’t surprised by her strength and knew she was still holding back. So was he.
Pushing her now soaked and tangled hair from her face, she snarled, “What’s going on?”
“I thought it was obvious,” he said.
“That you’re attempting to kidnap me?”
Ethan shook his head. “No. That you have an alpha hunting your ass.”
Her stare was one of confusion, awe, and horror. She stopped and he paused. Literally dragging her across the street would draw unwanted attention. He reluctantly released her wrist. She was soft and warm, while he was hard and cold. A frown creased his brow when the sharp sense of loss pricked his long dead heart. On some level, he’d enjoyed the feel of her.
She blinked up at him. Her large, honey eyes sparkled with fear. “W-what did you say?”
His chest rose and fell with a heavy sigh. “I’ll explain. For now, come with me.”
She shook her head.
Ethan glanced over his shoulder, scanning the parking lot for any sign of the alpha. He could sense the wolf was close.
“We don’t have much time. We need to go.”
The woman fell back a step and Ethan’s body tensed. His instincts flared. She retreated another step. Would she run? A part of him wished she would. He loved the chase. The hunt. His heart began to pound, his pupils dilated and his fangs began to sharpen, all in anticipation.
“Don’t,” he warned.
Chapter Two

Fraya dodged cars, their horns blaring. She sped through the abandoned strip mall. Puddles splashed beneath her feet, rain stung her cheeks and blurred her vision. Three…four…five blocks. Terror fueled her. She had to get away. Far away. Now.
God, she had been stupid. She had sensed an ominous, dangerous presence lurking in the shadows for days. Yeah. Stupid. An alpha. Shit. If the werewolf caught her…if he were of a rival pack…She couldn’t think about that. She had to escape the alpha and the smoking hot stranger who insisted she go with him to lord knew where.
Turning a corner, she sprinted across an empty parking lot to a vacant park. She slipped past empty swaying swings. Lighting cracked and thunder shook the ground beneath her feet.
Fraya heard a vicious growl behind her. Her heart painfully pounded against her ribs as she ran faster. She had just reached a clear soccer field when she heard him lunge for her. Fraya swallowed a scream as they crashed to the ground.
He rolled her to her back. Bracing his hands on either side of her head, he held his chest away from her, but trapped her legs with his thighs. He overwhelmed her with his size and power. Strength emanated from him. His once playful green gaze was now cold and sharp. Shadows contorted his handsome face and his fangs…Her breath stilled in her lungs. Her heart stuttered.
Pure terror struck her. Vampire!
“Little wolf,” he rasped. “Never run from one such as me.”
Holy shit.
The male pinning her down was a vampire. Amongst the Under Realm Society, vampires were believed to by creatures of lore. Her mother had told her stories of the blood drinkers – secret assassins created by and for the Under Realm Syndicate. They were thought to be unimaginably strong, fast, lethal, cold blooded, indestructible killing machines.
Did the Fates hate her? Had she done something terribly wrong in a previous life? Fraya had thought her world was falling apart, now she realized it was burning and crashing down around her.
The vampire dipped his head down, burying his face in the hollow of her neck. She could feel his cool breath on her throat and, God help her, excitement rushed through her. Closing her eyes, she held her breath waiting for him to strike. Her heart skipped as she thought of his fangs penetrating her jugular, his lips pressed tightly against her neck as he greedily drained her.
Seconds turned into minutes. His large frame shielding her from the rain. He didn’t touch her.
He held his body a fraction of an inch above her, his elbows bent in perfect ninety-degree angles, supporting him. He effortlessly held the position as he took in her scent.
Fraya opened her eyes. Building her courage to speak, she nervously licked her lips. The urge to wrap her legs around his hips, grip his shoulders, and pull him to her was maddening. Her body grew hot and her shirt felt tight across her breasts. God, the anticipation was devastating. No! The fear was devastating. She was overcome by terror not lust.
“A−are you going to bite me?” she asked, her voice trembled.
The mysterious vampire brushed his lips over her pulse. The caress was so light she almost doubted he’d kissed her at all. Need flooded her, drowning any sense of self-preservation. Dangerous. He was dangerous and so was the alpha. She shook her head, trying to clear her mind of the thick haze of lust.
She felt his lips brush her ear as he said, “Run from me again and I will sink my fangs into your pretty little neck.”
Would his bite bring agonizing pain or blissful euphoria?
He took in one last deep breath, inhaling her scent before he pushed himself back. He remained on his knees, keeping her trapped beneath him. Their gazes met as lightning splintered the heavens. Fraya was struck speechless as a blistering curse fell from his lips. His piercing green eyes burned with ravenous desire. She knew his gaze mirrored her own. She wanted him. The animal inside her howled, demanding she surrender to this male. She shifted beneath him, barely resisting the urge to arch her back and roll her hips in invitation.
What was happening to her? She was losing her mind. Yes, that must be it. She had been on the run. The constant stress, lack of sleep, and ever present hunger must be getting to her.
“Why did you chase me?”
“Why did you run from me?” he countered.
Fraya tried to sit up, but he gently pushed her back down. With an irritated sigh she answered, “I wasn’t running from you in particular. I was running from the alpha.”
“Stick with me and you needn’t worry about the alpha.”
Her eyes narrowed. “Really?”
He nodded.
She was skeptical. “Why should I trust you?”
“You can run as far and as fast as you like, but the alpha will eventually track you down. An unmated pureblood female werewolf without her pack,” he shook his head, “sweetheart, you’re fare game.”
Fraya couldn’t argue against that, but she wasn’t in the market for a body guard. She needed to travel light and fast. She needed to get to Chile like yesterday and he would just slow her down.
“Thanks for the offer, but I’ll take my chances.”
With a shrug of his large shoulders, he stood. He held out his hand, offering to help her to her feet. She hesitated, staring at his out stretched hand for a moment before she took it. The chilled bite of metal locked around her wrist.
Rage swept through like an inferno. Her lips pulled back, baring her own set of fangs. Her wolf rising.
“Stay calm,” he said, his voice smooth and way too even.
“What the hell are you doing?” she snarled.
“I politely offered you my protection, but you didn’t want it. Now, I really must insist.”
Fraya’s vision began to turn red. How dare this stranger restrain her? She should rip his throat with her teeth.  “Who are you?”
He shook his head. “My name isn’t important, but I’ll be the vampire escorting you home.”
Dread twisted her stomach, forcing bile to rise in her throat. “No. You can’t. I won’t go back!” She fought against the cuff, using all of her strength, but unlike normal steel, the bracelet held true. “Are you working for my father?”
He clasped the other band around his own wrist, binding them together. “I work for no individual man.”
She grabbed his arm. Panic heighted her voice, “I’ll double whatever my father is paying you. I can’t go back. You don’t understand−”
The wind whipped around them, yet he could still smell her fear. With a frown he asked, “You would rather test your luck against the alpha than return home?”
“Please, I can’t go back,” she begged. “I will triple your pay.”
He raised a brow. “Triple?”
He captured her cuffed wrist and pulled her hard against him. Desire crashed over her, robbing her of breath. “Money doesn’t interest me.”
Oh, God. Her pulse kicked up, her heart pounded so fast she could hear it. “What does interest you?”
His alluring lips slowly lifted into a charming smile, which was made sexy by his long lethal fangs. “You’re coming with me, little wolf.”
Chapter Three

The roaring engine of the 1970 Camaro filled the silence within the car. Fraya nervously glanced his way. He was soaked through, just like her. Droplets of rain water fell from his black hair and slowly slipped down his cheek, over his hard jaw, and fell to his shirt. She had the insane desire to follow the trail with her lips, her tongue…His wet clothes revealed every harsh line of his solid body.
Fraya’s gaze fluttered to his hand on the stick shift. He wore an interesting looking ring. Gold, silver, and black strands twisted together, creating a cathedral setting for the sapphire stone, which was overlaid with a strange coat of arms. Leaning toward him, she studied the symbol intently. The ring was familiar…The tiny hairs on the back of her neck rose. Her gaze snapped up. The vampire was watching her. She felt her cheeks burn with a blush. He gave her a wink.
Fraya abruptly turned away trying to hide her embarrassment.
The silence remained constant as they continued to drive into the darkness of the night. Fraya couldn’t keep still. Anxiety made her hands tremble causing the cuff around their wrists to rattle. With an exasperated sigh, the vampire took her hand, placed it on the eight ball shifter and covered her fingers with his own. She tried to pull away, but he had her trapped.
“Can you try to relax?” he asked.
“I might if you tell me where we’re going?”
“And spoil the surprise?”
Her eyes went wide with alarm and he chuckled. She tried to ignore the warmth of his teasing smile. This man could be a killer and she could very likely be his next victim. She shouldn’t find him sexy as hell. She should find him terrifying.
“Does my fear assume you?” she demanded.
“Not in the least, but you’ve no reason to fear me.”
“Oh, really?” she scoffed. “One, I don’t know you. Two, you’re a vampire.”
Her captor gave a nonchalant shrug. Fraya growled low and turned her attention back out the window. She was done conversing with him. It was pointless. He wasn’t going to tell her who he was, where he was taking her, or how/when he would be shipping her off to her father, effectively ending her life as she knew it.
She closed her eyes and shivered. She didn’t know who she feared more at the moment. Her father or the vampire. Her capture was dangerous. Lethal. Vampires were mysterious creatures, rumored to have been created by the Under Realm Syndicate to eliminate threats to the Under Realm Society. Fear’s icy grip chocked her. Was he an assassin? Did they actually exist? The vampire claimed he would return her to her pack, but there was a chance he could be driving her out to the middle of the dessert to put a bullet in her brain.
He couldn’t be trusted, but that didn’t stop hope from fluttering in her chest. Could she convince him not to take her back? The vampire had refused her money but he seemed…interested in her.
Fraya had little experience with men. She’d had a crush on a boy for a while when she was seventeen. Their love affair hadn’t lasted long. Her father had learned of their amour and severd ties with his pack. A chill shook her. She couldn’t stand her father, but she would always be grateful that he had stepped in when he had. Lynn had become extremely possessive and controlling toward the end of their relationship.
Don’t think about him. There could be another alpha. Father has many enemies.
Fraya blinked in disbelief when they pulled up to very modern home with sleek lines and large, darkly tinted windows. The vampire hit a button on the visor. The driveway was a steep decline into an underground garage. Fraya’s heart rate spiked as they came to a stop and the ignition shut off.
Without a word or even a glance, the vampire unlocked the cuff then exited the car. Fraya bit into her bottom lip and silently chanted:stay calm. But her nerves weren’t listening to her rational mind. Was her father here? Or was he on his way here? If not, when would the vampire be sending her back?
Her soul nearly jumped from her body when he opened her door. For a second he stood, staring down at her. Concern flickered like a shadow over his face. He leaned in and unfastened her seatbelt.
“Will you do me a favor?” His rough voice banished her anxiety, immediately replacing the debilitating emotion with another – desire. He held out his hand. “Please, relax.”
Fraya bit even harder into her bottom lip as she gazed at his out stretched hand. Why was he being nice? And caring? She didn’t like it. She couldn’t like it. The secretive vampire wasn’t to be trusted.
She brushed aside his hand and stood, closing the car door behind her. It slammed harder than she intended, but she wouldn’t apologize.
“You’re working for my father and plan on returning me to his pack. Since you’re screwing me over, I won’t do you any favors.”
Did his lips twitch with a smile? “How about doing it for yourself?”
“Sadly ‘relax’ was deleted from my personal dictionary a long time along.”
A gasp slammed from her lungs as he pressed her back against the car. Taking her wrist, he brought her hand up and pressed her palm against her chest. She could feel her heart pounding.
He leaned in, caging her. His head dipped down to the hollow of her throat. She swallowed hard and suppressed a longing moan when his breath caressed her sensitive ear lobe.
“You really ought to do yourself the favor and Google the definition. Your pulse. It’s wild. And it makes me crave a taste.”
Against her will, her body arched into him. Her hips pressed forward, her breasts thrust against his chest. Heat rushed through her as she shivered from the contact. Damn it. What was wrong with her?
The vampire released her and stepped away. His expression unreadable as he studied her. Fraya felt her blush burn her cheeks and spread down her neck. God, she must be glowing red.
“Come on.”
He turned and headed into the house. Fraya slowly followed, mortified by her actions and nervousness.
“He’s not here,” he called over his shoulder as he led the way down a windowless hallway.
Fraya paused. Could the vampire read her mind? No. He couldn’t…Shaking her head, she continued on down the hall, which lead to an enormous open concept living area. The kitchen was a chef’s dream complete with industrial grade steel appliances and a large island. The dining area was elegant and simple, while the living room screamed bachelor pad. A huge black leather sectional faced a T.V that was the size of the wall. But what captured her interest was the picturesque windows. The pool created an oasis, a tranquil scene. Angry storm clouds were rolling in, lightning struck in the distance, the wind bellowed.  She stepped toward the windows, drawn in by the majestic desert.
The vampire came to stand beside her and, in that moment, her fears dissolved. Her anxiety melted away. She wanted him to wrap an arm around her shoulders and pull her close. She wanted him to hold her as the summer storm passed. She wanted this moment of peace to last forever.
Stop acting stupid, she chided herself. She was in trouble and needed to get out. Quick.
“Are you hungry?” he asked.
She nonchalantly shrugged. She was starving, but only a fool admitted weakness to their enemy.
“You’ve been on the road, I doubt you’ve had a decent meal lately.”
“I get by,” she replied.
“A candy bar from a vending machine at a bus depot does not a meal make,” he said with a chuckle.
Fraya bit her lip to stop from smiling. “Hey, some have peanuts, which makes them a good source of protein.”
He laughed and the sound warmed her heart and eased the worry in her soul.
The vampire isn’t charming and he doesn’t have a sexy laugh. Oh, yeah, she would keep telling herself that. She’d also tell herself he wasn’t hot, his eyes aren’t gorgeous, and that she didn’t secretly crave to taste his smile.
He grabbed her wrist and gently tugged her towards another hall. “The bathroom is the first door on the right and you may use this bedroom.” He opened the door to the left and stepped aside.
Fraya hugged her backpack to her chest and stepped past him. The guest room was nicely furnished with a queen size bed topped with a white comforter. A single dresser and a small desk with a comfy looking armchair she could curl up and read in. This certainly beat the train stations and bus stops she had been camping out in. Fraya never stayed at a hotel. She feared hanging out at one place for too long.
One night here will be fine. Besides, I need some time to device a new exit strategy. She would need to ditch the vamp and somehow make it across multiple boarders if she were ever going to reach Chile. This wasn’t going to be easy.
She dropped her bag on the floor beside the bed and followed him back out into the main living area.
“You’re welcome to use the shower. You’ll find everything you need in there. You can also wash your clothes, if you like.”
She glanced down at herself. “If you hadn’t tackled me, I wouldn’t be caked in mud.”
“If you hadn’t run, I wouldn’t have had to tackle you,” he countered.
“I ran because of the alpha.”
He shook his head. “I’m not big on sharing, but I’ll let you in on a little secret about me. I’ve fought my share of renegade alphas.”
When he didn’t continued, she prompted, “And?”
He closed the distanced between them. His eyes locked on hers. Instantly, Fraya’s heart began to pound. Caressing her cheek he whispered, “They’re all dead.”


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Amanda J. Greene is a paranormal romance author. When she is not writing, she can be found playing the role of a university student who also works full time. She lives in Southern California with her very supportive husband and their two dogs. Doing all the above and being a military wife is not easy, but rewarding! Of course, she accomplishes everything with a strong cup of coffee in her hand.

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