Thursday, February 19, 2015

Life Of A Blogger: Organization

Life of a Blogger
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When you love reading the one thing you have to be good at is organization, otherwise you are going to find yourself in real trouble trying to find places for all the books you bring home with you on those shopping trips out, even when you tell yourself you aren't going to buy any more books or just one book, you know you are coming home with more.

My book shelf houses my most reached for books that I like to pick up and re-read, also new additions. The bottom large portion of my shelf houses my other obsession, movies and tv series. It is a bit in shambles on the middle lowest shelf at the moment, due to my overflowing dvds.

After I have read a book and I know it is probably not going to be on my re-read list, I put them into storage tubs in my wardrobe (These two are almost full now, note to self: get more storage tubs).

Can you spot the old tapes? Galgameth, loved that movie as a kid.
Anyone else watch Gargoyles cartoons?
That is how I organize my ever growing book collection, join the tag and share how you organize :)