Wednesday, April 29, 2015

In The Moment (Part 1-5) by Rachael Orman

 In The Moment By Rachael Orman (Part 1-5)

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Genre: Erotic Romance


Alicia knows Ace as the hard, tattooed biker who frequents the bar she works at. So when she finds him locked in a compromising position with another man, she is shocked to discover he’s not who she thought he was.

Brushing off all Ace’s behavior has become second nature, until he makes advances toward her. Alicia gives in, not knowing where her desires will take her.


This series of book instalments had a bit of a Lauren Dane flavour to it but more of a straight forward, no fuss version. I think this would appeal to most erotic romance book lovers who like some heat and some m/m/f but with nothing too crazy.

I didn’t much care for the Ace character through much of the read, I think I needed to see more of his vulnerable side, though there were some moments, just needed a bit more to balance out the confident attitude.  I found Alicia’s character to be a bit lukewarm, I connected with the character and enjoyed her at the start but by the middle of the read she didn’t jump out at me.

Adam was my favourite character out of them all, which is a bit of a new one for me as I am usually all for the female lead but she was outshone by Adam. He had the perfect balance in character personality, he had an aggressive side, a vulnerable side and he was just perfect.

There was plenty of steam which had purpose and wasn't out of place though I do feel like it was a little fast paced, a slower progression throughout the plot and perhaps some more detail in the emotional growth of the characters would have been nice but it didn’t keep the read from being enjoyable.  I’d give this read three and a half stars.

Rating: «««1/2

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